What is Caffeine & Is There Anything Such as too Much Caffeine?

What is Caffeine?

Caffeine is a stimulant, which is extracted from more than 60 different types of plants all over the world. The word “caffeine” is derived from the German word “kaffee” and the French word “café,” both of which mean coffee. Caffeine is scientifically known as 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine. Caffeine is also considered to be a commonly used psychoactive drug. Some of the common sources of caffeine are tea, coffee and soda. Caffeine is also found in some medications and weight control products. Majority of adults all over the world consume caffeine daily. The stimulant effect of caffeine can remain for about three hours. People who take caffeine regularly and discontinue it can suffer from withdrawal symptoms. The American Medical Association and US Food and Drug Administration consider a moderate intake of caffeine to be safe.

What is Caffeine?

Where is Caffeine Found?

Caffeine is naturally present in certain beans, leaves and fruits of more than 60 different plants. The bitterness of the caffeine repels the pests. Commonest sources of caffeine in a person’s diet include cocoa beans, tea leaves, coffee, energy drinks cola drinks. Caffeine can also be produced synthetically, which is then later added to beverages, supplements, food and medications. The product labels need to mention caffeine in their list of ingredients.

What Does Caffeine Do?

Caffeine after purification produces an intensely bitter white powder, which gives the distinctive taste of caffeine in soft drinks. After its consumption, the caffeine gets completely absorbed within 30 to 45 minutes. The effects of caffeine diminish within three hours and caffeine eventually gets excreted from the body without getting accumulated. Caffeine affects a person’s stamina, mood, the cerebral vascular system, and colonic and gastric activity; however, caffeine may not be suitable for everyone.

Is There Anything Such as too Much Caffeine?

Yes, excessive intake of anything including caffeine can be dangerous. Previously tea, coffee and cola were the only few products where a person would be consuming caffeine on a daily basis. However, these days, consumption of caffeine has increased drastically as caffeine is present in multiple things, which any of us consumes on a regular basis, such as candy, gum, supplements, medications and energy drinks. Huge amounts of consumption of caffeine can lead to caffeine intoxication or caffeine overdose.

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