What is Yo Yo Dieting & Why is it Bad For Your Heart?

Dieting is a very commonly used methodology for those who wish to lose weight or watch their weight. When on a diet, a person cuts down much of his or her calories and does not even take the required amount of calories for the proper functioning of the body. Apart from ripping off the food that is high on the calorie front, dieting does not even permit you to take in the things that are useful for survival. During crash dieting, the person usually forgets the concept of balanced diet and this lays a negative impact on the body.

One such form of crash dieting has is known as Yo Yo dieting.

What is Yo Yo Dieting?

Yo-yo dieting is also termed as weight cycling and Yo-Yo effect. This term was fabricated by Kelly D. Brownell who is a part of Yale University. In Yo Yo dieting, the person gains success at the initial stage in shedding a lot of weight, but it becomes hard for him/her to maintain that weight and so the resulting dire consequence is the person’s weight bounces back to its original platform, thus draining away all the efforts made on the part of the dieter. In such a case, the dieter gets back on the track and works hard again to cut down on the weight gained and so the cycle begins all over again.

Yo Yo Dieting: Why is it Bad for Your Heart?

Yo Yo Dieting: Why is it Bad for Your Heart?

Yo Yo dieting has been found to be the ultimate root cause of several cardiac disorders. In several medical studies, it has been found that people who were accustomed to wide range of fluctuations in their weight were more prone to heart attacks when compared to those whose weight fluctuated only slightly.

Medical practitioners are of the view that if a lot of effort has been invested to decrease the extra weight, then double the efforts must be put in so that the extra weight never returns; and for this, balanced diet and regular physical exercise is quite necessary. It must be kept in mind that with an increase in the age, the number of calorie intake must be reduced because the metabolism rate tends to slow down gradually when a person reaches his/her mid 20s. So it becomes simpler to gain weight than to lose it and therefore it becomes all the more important to keep an eagle eye on your weight.

Once the weight in yo yo dieting bounces back, it will be in a double form than it used to be, that is to say, when you have gained weight again, this time you will gain more weight than which you have lost. Researchers have shown that reaching an extreme case of obesity results in a good number of deaths due to heart attack. Not only this, the gain in extra weight resulting from yo yo dieting also brings about an increment in the risk of heart attack. For people who are already in the clutches of heart diseases, yo yo dieting for them is not recommended as yo yo dieting causes a diverse fluctuation in their weight and may bring them on the verge of death, as its repetitive cyclical procedure of weight loss and weight gain is very harmful for any human being, no matter if that person is suffering from some cardiac disease or not. As for those who have an advantage of having a normal weight must try hard not to bring about the fluctuations and must stay on their healthy weight.

Yo Yo Dieting: Not Stable for the Long Run; Neither is it Sustainable

Stability is a factor, which is required by human beings in all aspects of life and when it comes to maintaining healthy weight, stability becomes the key of peace. Maintaining a stable weight, of course a healthy one, brings joy to the person. When it comes to the weight maintaining strategy, we must try out something that will be sustainable and will be there along with us in the long run. When you think about the execution of yo yo dieting, you are opting for something that is not going to stay with your forever. Yo yo diet is marked by quick fixes and once you discontinue its plan, you will definitely experience a terrible bounce back of your body weight that will be far more than before. This might appear to be quite disappointing for you as you will cross the benchmark of being overweight and might enter into the dangerous and ugly zone of “obesity class 1.”

Our body is such that it cannot put up with such severe fluctuations in the body weight as seen with yo yo dieting. It is but natural that in such cases, coronary heart diseases might erupt, causing you a lot of trouble with a fear of cutting your life down by many years. Yo Yo dieting does not promote a healthy lifestyle and also restricts the inflow of essential nutrients in our body. Yo yo dieting is made to serve just the short term goals of losing weight, but if your wish is to remain in the category of slim people for a long period of time, then you must follow a healthy diet plan framed out by your doctor, perform constant exercises and shun away yo yo dieting or crash dieting.

Yo yo dieting is not recommended for women who have entered their menopause phase and encounter a number of issues in keeping off the extra weight. Hence, yo yo dieting should be avoided as much as possible. Cardiologists advice that people of all ages, be it the younger ones or the older ones, but especially the older ones, must watch the type of food that they eat and the amount that goes inside them because at the adult phase, they are more prone to heart attacks. The more oily and fatty food they eat, their risk of arterial defect will soar higher in the sky and they will be pushed closer to the risk of heart attack. In addition to this, they must go out for regular morning and evening walks. They can also move out for half an hour post having their dinner to prevent their food from getting stored in the form of fat and like this, their weight will remain stable on an even scale and they will stay away from the idea of yo yo dieting which gives only quick results that exist only for short term.

Losing weight is not a bad idea. It is always good to stay in shape and keep your body away from all the risk factors, but it is important that any type of dieting should be carried out in the right manner so that it does not give rise to any further serious issues like heart disease or diabetes. Doctors have never approved of concept of rash or crash dieting as seen in yo yo dieting because it only results in the bouncing back of weight. Never opt for Yo Yo dieting as it renders only instant and short-term result. The option of balanced diet with regular exercise is always good to be followed for losing weight along with maintaining good health.

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