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Why Do I Sweat So Much From My Head and How To Stop It?

We all sweat and sweating helps regulate our body temperature. Mostly, we sweat from the head, scalp, face, hands, feet, or underarms. The nerves of the head or scalp region have been distributed in different zones. Thus, you might experience sweating mainly in specific areas of the scalp. In general, the forehead or temple is more prone to sweating than the upper neck area or the back of your head. Sweating too much on the head or face can make you feel embarrassed and frustrated, especially when you are in a social gathering. If you complain about sweating too much from the head or scalp then you need to read further and know the reason and also know about various ways to stop sweating from your head.

Why Do I Sweat So Much From My Head?

Some individuals have hyperhidrosis, which results in excessive sweating because of their overactive sweat glands.(1) However, there are many other reasons for excessive head sweat. Let us know about some of them.

Craniofacial Hyperhidrosis

One of the major causes of head sweat is craniofacial hyperhidrosis. This is the condition when you sweat too much on your head and face. This condition is caused by overactive sweat glands. If you are sweating too much from your head, you should check with your doctor.

Secondary Hyperhidrosis

Secondary hyperhidrosis could be one more condition that could cause head sweating. This condition could occur as a side effect of certain medications, nervous system damage, or hormone imbalances. This can also be caused by other medical conditions, such as respiratory illnesses, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or menopause. It is also known as secondary generalized hyperhidrosis. Usually, people with secondary hyperhidrosis, sweat more from their heads during the nighttime.

Gustatory Sweating

Our head or scalp region is prone to a specific type of sweating known as gustatory sweating. People with such a type of sweat issue experience excessive sweat in response to eating, drinking, or even thinking about the food( in some cases). In general, the facial region is more often involved in this type of sweating. If you are sweating more when you eat or drink, you should consult with your dermatologist or doctor and get yourself diagnosed well so that appropriate treatment could become possible.

Excessive Stress

Anxiety or too much stress can result in excessive sweating from the head. Worrying too much can cause an excess of the cortisol hormone that increases the heart rate and the body’s metabolism, thus resulting in sweat.

Eating Excessive Spicy Food

Are you consuming too many spicy foods? If yes, then spicy foods could be the culprit behind excessive sweat from your head. This stimulates the nerves, thus leaving you with a sensation of moderate warmth and sweating.

Can Excessive Head Sweat Cause Hair Loss?

One of the major concerns of people with excess sweat from their heads is that excessive head sweat can result in hair loss.

It would be right to say that excess sweat from the head can cause hair loss. Below are some reasons why sweaty hair or head can lead to hair loss.

  • The sweat on your scalp mixes with the keratin present in the hair and causes damage and hair loss.
  • Due to excessive sweating of the head, hair strands might get dehydrated, which in turn could cause loss of hair.
  • Hair fall due to excessive sweat can happen when sweat mixes with harmful bacteria that are already present in the hair.
  • Too much sweat from the head or sweaty hair can also cause blocked pores of the scalp, which can further damage your hair in the long run.

The American Academy of Dermatology has mentioned that stress can be one of the most common causes of unexplained hair loss. Moreover, there are various types of stress-induced hair loss. But, this is temporary and if stress could be controlled by deep breathing techniques or other coping mechanisms, then hair loss could also be easily controlled.(2)

How To Stop Excessive Sweating From Your Head?

Below, we have mentioned some of the ways you can stop excessive sweating from your head.

Take Appropriate Treatment Of The Underlying Condition

You should consult with your doctor and confirm if you have craniofacial hyperhidrosis, secondary hyperhidrosis, or gustatory sweating issue and take the appropriate treatment for the underlying condition that might be causing excessive sweat from the head.

Wash Your Hair And Scrub Your Scalp

Wash your head, hair, and scalp properly once in two days. Talk to a dermatologist for the best hair products that would suit your hair during this process.

Moreover scrubbing the scalp thoroughly could reduce the effects of sweaty hair. So, scrub your hair quite often.

Reduce Stress Level

Stress can result in imbalances in the hormones of your body and thus pave the way for secondary hyperhidrosis. So, you should try the best means to reduce your stress level and prevent excessive sweating from the head or scalp.

Avoid Eating Spicy Foods

Spicy foods can cause too much sweating. So avoid eating spicy foods and check if it benefits you in reducing sweat from the head.

Try The Home Remedy

Sometimes specific home remedies work well in reducing excessive sweat from the head. You can try the home remedy of coconut water and lemon juice. Mix lemon juice and coconut water and keep this mixture on your scalp for at least 30 minutes before you wash your head with your shampoo. This home remedy might be useful for you in reducing excessive sweat from the head or scalp.

Final Words

A lot of other effective treatment options are available. So, if you are experiencing excessive sweat from your head and feeling frustrated or embarrassed due to excessive sweating then speak to your doctor to find out the exact cause and go for the appropriate treatments.


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