Can Hordeolum Be Prevented?

About Hordeolum:

Hordeolum is a painful eye condition in which the affected individual gets a painful erythematous blister on the surface of the eyelid. This blister forms due to clogging of the oil glands present where the glands attach to the eyelids. The gland gets clogged by dead skin cells and when this happen bacteria gets entrapped within the glands causing the infection. Normally, the blisters form on the outer part of the eye but sometimes they also form in the inner part of the eye but this is quite rare.

Hordeolum normally goes away with warm compresses within a few days and does not require any aggressive treatments. However, in cases where the infection spreads to involve the face requires medications to treat it. People who rub their eyes with dirty fingers are more vulnerable to get Hordeolum. Generally this happens with children and this is precisely the reason why children are more infected than adults with this condition.

People who are used to contact lenses are also at risk for getting Hordeolum if they do not clean their lenses properly. Certain eye conditions like blepharitis and rosacea also increases an individual’s risk for getting Hordeolum. While it is a harmless condition and goes away with minimal treatment, it is important to know whether Hordeolum can be prevented. This is what has been delineated below.

Can Hordeolum Be Prevented?

Can Hordeolum Be Prevented?

Hordeolum is a preventable condition if people take good care of their eyes. It is recommended to wash the hands thoroughly especially after doing gardening or playing before touching the eyes. It is best to carry a hand sanitizer which can be used after washing the hands especially when rubbing the eyes.

Applying makeup on the eyes is also a risk factor which can cause Hordeolum. Thus, maintaining caution when applying cosmetics especially to the eyes not only prevents Hordeolum but also many other eye infections. It is also advised not to share any of the makeup with others and most importantly eye makeup should never be applied overnight as it may result in various eye infections including Hordeolum.

If an individual wears contact lenses, then he or she should ensure to remove the lenses when sleeping at night to prevent infections like Hordeolum. Additionally, the lenses should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before wearing day every day. There are many disinfectants available. The individual can also consult a physician regarding which disinfectant to use for cleaning the contact lenses.

If anyone has had a history of recurrent Hordeolum then it is best to apply warm compresses on a regular basis to de-stress the eyes and prevent recurrence of the condition. Eye care is of paramount importance of an individual has ongoing blepharitis infection. Adhering to the advice of the ophthalmologist is the way to go to manage blepharitis.

In summary, Hordeolum is a common eye infection which is caused by clogging of the oil glands present around the eyelids. This is a harmless infection but tends to cause significant pain in the eyes. There is also swelling and redness of the eyes.

Hordeolum is a preventable infection if proper care of the eye is taken, especially if an individual has a prior history of this infection. Avoiding rubbing the eyes with dirty fingers is one way of preventing Hordeolum.

Applying makeup on the face should be done with caution so as not to cause an infection like Hordeolum in the eyes. Practicing the above mentioned precautions work a long way in preventing this condition.

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