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How Does Hordeolum Feel Like?

About Hordeolum

Hordeolum is a painful benign condition of the eyes in which small red colored bumps form on the surface of the eyelids. They resemble a pimple or a boil is a red, painful lump near the edge of your eyelid that may look like a boil or a pimple. Generally the blister or the bump seen in cases of Hordeolum form on the outer portion of the eyelids; however, in some cases the inner portion of the eyelid may also get affected.

Being a harmless condition, Hordeolum generally goes away on its own or by applying warm compresses in the affected area for a couple of days. This not only treats the infection but also calms down the pain and soothes the affected area.

The primary cause of Hordeolum is believed to be clogging of the oil glands by dead skin cells. This results in entrapment of the staphylococcus bacteria present on the skin surface. This entrapment is what causes an infection and the resulting blisters seen with this condition.

There are a few risk factors which put an individual at risk for developing Hordeolum. Touching the eyes with dirty fingers is one of the common factor which results in the infection causing Hordeolum. This is seen in majority of the cases with children who tend to rub their eyes while playing. Another risk for Hordeolum includes putting on contact lenses without thoroughly sterilizing it with disinfectant or with clean hands.

Females normally tend to wear makeup and do not clean them overnight. This is yet another risk factor for Hordeolum. Additionally, using cosmetics which are very old also may lead to this infection. Recognizing how Hordeolum feels like is important for effectively treating it. This article gives a brief overview of how does Hordeolum feel like.

How Does Hordeolum Feel Like?

How Does Hordeolum Feel Like?

The primary presenting feature of Hordeolum is a small pimple like blister that is red in color. Hordeolum is generally located on the outer half of the eyelid. In some cases there may be more than one blister. As a result of this blister, it becomes very painful to blink. There is also visible swelling of the eyelid and pain caused due to Hordeolum.

Due to the infection, there is excessive tearing from the eyes. Due to the blisters it also becomes difficult for the individual to completely close the eyes while sleeping due to the pain. The pain caused due to Hordeolum gets more pronounced whenever the individual puts any strain on the body.

A condition that mimics the symptoms of Hordeolum is known as chalazion. However, this condition does not cause pain unlike Hordeolum which is quite painful. Although Hordeolum is a harmless condition certain times it requires a physician consultation.

This is especially true when the blister does not go away even after warm compresses within a couple of days. A physician should also be consulted if the erythema and swelling spreads to other parts of the body like the face as this may signify spread of the infection and requires more aggressive treatments.

In summary, Hordeolum is a benign eye infection characterized by swelling and a pimple like blister which can be seen over the eyelids. Other symptoms that are observed with this condition are pain in the eyes along with swelling and redness. It becomes difficult to blink or close the eye due to the blister and pain. In majority of the cases, putting warm compresses over the affected eye is good enough to treat Hordeolum but in some cases a physician may need to be consulted.

This may be required when the blister does not resolve in a couple of days despite home treatments and the swelling spreads to other parts of the face. Thus it is recommended to take a good note of the symptoms and if required go to a physician for checkup and treatment for Hordeolum.


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