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Can Ocular Melanoma Go Away On Its Own & What Are Its Natural Remedies?

Ocular melanoma starts in the melanocytes- the cells that impart color to the eyes. (skin and hair too). It is quite a rare kind of eye cancer. Ocular melanoma can be treated through various approaches, though it may not need treatment in some instances.(1,3)

Can Ocular Melanoma Go Away On Its Own?

Can Ocular Melanoma Go Away On Its Own?

Ocular melanoma cannot go away on its own. Smaller ocular melanomas may or may not require any treatment, depending upon many factors like the size and location of the melanoma, the impact of the melanoma on the vision and the progress and growth rate of the melanoma. Larger melanomas usually require treatment, especially if they are located at a vital part in the eye. The treatment plan needs to be devised, which may include multiple facets like medicinal therapy, radiation therapy, surgery etc. depending upon the need of the patient. Ocular melanoma cannot go away on its own. It needs to be treated.

What Are The Natural Remedies For Ocular Melanoma?

Specific natural remedies that can treat or cure ocular melanoma have yet to be found. Researches are going on and there is still more to it than is known. However, one research states that extracts derived from some plants are beneficial in curing ocular melanoma. One such plant extract is an extract from the primrose flower. The compound is named FR900359 and is believed to show a remarkable capability to arrest the extraordinary growth of the tumor, which is one of the most important factors that make a tumor so resilient and difficult to treat. However, further research is still required to support this claim.(2)

The treatment of ocular melanoma depends upon the location and scope of the tumor. It also depends upon your age and general health. It will also depend upon certain personal needs and preferences.

Window Period- If you have a small ocular melanoma, it may not require any treatment. If the melanoma is not growing your doctor may decide to wait and see if there is a development in your condition. If the melanoma grows, there may be a need for further treatment. The treatment options may consist of-

Radiation- Radiation therapy is done by using high power rays like protons or gamma rays. These rays kill cancer cells. This therapy is useful mostly in small or medium-sized melanomas.

Laser Treatment- Laser treatment works by using Laser to destroy cancer cells. Laser therapy may be used in combination with radiation therapy.

Photodynamic Therapy- This therapy combines light with medications. The medication will act on the cancer cell and make them susceptible to light. This treatment will destroy the cells and vessels that constitute the ocular melanoma. However, this therapy is not much effective in larger tumors. It is only seen to be beneficial in smaller tumors.

Cryotherapy– Extreme cold is used in this method to kill melanoma cells, usually in small ocular melanomas. However, this technique is not very commonly used.

Surgical Procedure- In severe instances, surgery may be used to treat ocular melanomas. These surgeries may either remove some portion of the eye or the complete eye. The kind of procedure used may depend upon the size and the site of the ocular melanoma. These procedures may involve removing the ocular melanoma and small healthy eye tissue. Another procedure involves the removal of the complete eye. This method is usually used for entire eye removal.(3)


Ocular melanoma cannot go away on its own. Most times, ocular melanoma may not need any treatment. However, when in some cases it needs to be treated. Natural remedies are not yet known to treat or cure ocular melanoma. Some plant studies have shown promising results, though. That said, this field needs to be further explored.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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