What Is Eales Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

What Is Eales Disease?

Eales Disease is an extremely rare ophthalmological disorder which is characterized by visualization of a white haze on the outermost lining of the veins of the retina. Eales Disease is primarily seen in males and affects the eyes bilaterally in most of the cases of this condition.

The primary presenting feature of Eales Disease is a sudden blurriness of vision. This is because of the jelly that is present behind the eyeball that tends to seep out as a result of Eales Disease.

There is no known cause for Eales Disease and research is still ongoing as to identify a cause of the condition since most of the factors such as infection, injury, and hereditary factors have also been ruled out as to be the precipitating cause of Eales Disease.

What Is Eales Disease?

What Are The Causes Of Eales Disease?

As stated above, the exact cause of Eales Disease is not yet known. Researchers believe that this condition spontaneously without precipitating factors such as an injury, infection, or any genetic factors causing this abnormality in the retina of the eye. Research is still ongoing as to find out the root cause of Eales Disease.

What Are The Symptoms Of Eales Disease?

Sudden onset of blurred vision is the primary presenting feature of Eales Disease. This blurred vision is caused due to seeping out of the jelly like substance that is present behind the lens of the eye.

During the initial stages of this condition, there is a thin covering at the outermost layer of the veins of the retina. With the progression of the condition this inflammation spreads to encompass the lens and other parts of the eyes.

With time, here is gradual degeneration of the retina leading to retinopathy and bleeding from the retina. In some cases, the retina also tends to get detached as a result of Eales Disease.

The iris tends to have a red discoloration with partial or complete loss of vision and severe damage to the optic disc. Development of cataracts is also common in individuals with Eales Disease.

How Is Eales Disease Treated?

The front line treatment of Eales Disease is basically symptomatic and supportive. Tissue coagulation through laser beams is a mode of treatment for Eales Disease which virtually gets rid of the blood deficiency caused by constriction of blood vessels and also slows down the formation of excess blood vessel tissues.

Removal of the jelly like substance from behind the retina can be done to treat the seeping of the jelly like material from behind the lens causing blurred vision and thus normal vision can be restored. This treatment is quite effective in treating Eales Disease.