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11 Signs of Worsening Eye Vision

Our body is conditioned in various ways to signify any change that it feels needs to be communicated, so that the required rectifications can be made on time. Similarly in case of worsening eye vision, the body gives out certain indications or signs. Since not all of us get our eyes checked regularly trusting them to be working fine, it is through these signs and symptoms that body indicates that your eyes require special care.

11 Signs of Worsening Eye Vision

11 Signs of Worsening Eye Vision

Some of these signs of worsening eye vision have been listed below:

#1. Squinting is a Sign of Worsening Eye Vision

One of the most common signs of worsening eye vision is squinting. It is only when a person cannot see clearly through normal vision that he opts to squint which narrows the curvature of the light and increases the clarity of vision. It is because of the deformation of the eyeballs, or cornea or even lens that a person might feel the need to squint, but clearly it is a sign of the eyesight getting worse and needs to be checked through an eye care professional at the earliest.

#2. Double Vision

Another common symptom of weakening of eyes is that the person is experiences double vision. In other words, a person with worsening eye vision finds that he is seeing two images for a single object or person. This sort of a defect can occur in one eye or even in both the eyes, but it signifies the same thing, i.e. worsening eyesight. The main cause of such a double vision is deformation of cornea to an irregular shape, or a cataract or even astigmatism.

#3. Headaches

There can be many possible reasons for a headache, but a consistent headache which further worsens when eyes are put to use like while using the mobile phones, laptop, or while watching television or reading, is a clear sign of worsening eye vision. It is due to the strain that the above mentioned activities exert over the already worsening eyes that a person experiences consistent headaches. Though this symptom can quite easily be misinterpreted, it is for the best to consider the evaluation of an eye care professional to be sure.

#4. Experiencing Glare

Glare is a light which enters your eye and yet does not improve the vision rather it makes it difficult to see other objects. Typically a glare occurs in day time. The presence of a persistent glare without a source of light is definitely a sign of worsening eye vision. This form of disruption of vision can be because of a number of eye related problems, which are worsening the eyesight like nearsightedness, farsightedness, cataracts and astigmatism to name a few.

#5. Halo Around Lights is a Sign of Worsening Eye Sight

Another disruption in vision which implies the worsening of the eye vision is the visual of a halo around the source of light, like around head lights. This sort of disruption commonly occurs in dark environments or at night where the source of light is already prominent with a background and surrounding of the dark environs. Seeing the presence of halo around lights is not good news, rather it means there is a defect in this essential sense and needs to get checked. The common reasons of experiencing such a halo are the problems of nearsightedness, farsightedness, cataracts, astigmatism or presbyopia.

#6. Night Blindness

One of the obvious inferences from experiencing night blindness is worsening eyesight. Night blindness is the lack of adjustment of the pupils when coming into a dark room from a well lit room. In other words the person experiences trouble seeing in night or in the dark, and is worsened when the eyes are shifted from a bright environment into the dark. Sparing a little attention to an episode of night blindness can help you detect your worsening eye vision at the earliest.

#7. Blurry Vision

A symptom of nearsightedness or farsightedness, blurry vision is a clear sign of worsening eye vision. When a person experiences blurry vision, his sight loses the sharpness of objects and hence makes the object unclear. As a fact, this sign can be experienced in one eye or in both the eyes, but in both the cases it requires an examination by the eye care professional. A standard sign, blurry vision can cause inconvenience to the patient and in worse cases can even lead to difficulty in distinguishing objects from a group of them.

#8. Redness is a Sign of Worsening Vision

Common as it may sound, if the patient is experiencing redness in the white section of the eyes, he needs to get them examined, and such a vivid change in color can be because of deteriorating vision.

#9. Eye Pain

If any persisting discomfort in eyes is ignored, it can turn into pain in the eyes too. Such an elevation in uneasiness when it comes to the eyes signifies weakening vision. In any instance any pain in a part as sensitive as the eyes should not be ignored, and in a mild case it can be interpreted as worsening eye vision.

#10. Eye Irritation

Continuous itching or any other sort of discomfort in the eyes can be inferred to deteriorating eyesight. One of the common signs of the worsening eyesight, irritation of the eyes can be because of several other reasons also but it is best to get professional advice when it comes to such a situation.

#11. Eye Discharge

The only discharge that eyes exhibit are the tears, and if without any physical or mental pain the eyes are producing continuous tears it can be a sign of weakening eyes. When the eyes aren’t able to take on the strain, they tear themselves to refrain from drying under the strain and in most cases this strain is because of the worsening eye vision.


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