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How Much Is Laser Eye Surgery for Glaucoma?

How Much Is Laser Eye Surgery For Glaucoma?

In the United States of America, pharmacological treatment is the first option for glaucoma, before resorting to surgery. The average patient who undergoes pharmacological treatment (prescription eye drops) will spend up to $ 1,750 per year on medications.

If the medication treatment does not work, laser surgery or conventional surgery will be considered. The goal of surgery is to increase fluid secretion. In the case of open-angle glaucoma, the trabecular network that drains fluid when the eye is healthy is obstructed, and surgery opens it or makes a shunt. In cases of angle-closure glaucoma, the surgical procedure involves opening the iris allowing the fluid to pass easily from the front portion to the back portion of the eye.

The price of Laser Eye Surgery is an important factor when deciding whether to perform this procedure or not. Many people look for promotions in the market that fit an imaginary budget without understanding what the cost of the surgery is and what implications this decision may cause.

Trying to understand the cost can be complex, the following can help you get started:

How Much Is Laser Eye Surgery for Glaucoma?

The Most Economical Surgeries: Do They Offer Good Results?

To offer really excellent results, it is very important to gather 3 elements:

  1. A clinic that meets all the essential requirements to offer a quality service and safety to the patient with the highest technological standards in efficiency and quality.
  2. A sub-specialist in refractive surgery ophthalmologist who has extensive experience and dexterity.
  3. Have a strict ethical criterion in the selection of patients since not all are candidates for the same surgical technique and/or operation, for this you need to have the most advanced diagnostic aids equipment.

Why Is The Wide Range Of Prices Between The Different Offers?

It is because there are small centers, opticians, and clinics that do not invest in surgery rooms with their strict health requirements, professional updating of employees or doctors, but more importantly, they continue to operate with old generation equipment, even some obsolete ones.

It is quite tempting to get a laser surgery at a low cost but one needs to cautious about offers which are very cheap, as here may be hidden charges which will only be known after the procedure. Additionally, a low cost laser surgery may not guarantee a safe and effective procedure and may not give the desired result that you seek to achieve.

In these cases the saying “cheap is expensive” applies, many patients operated in economical places lose money and unfortunately very few patients can be re-operated.

How Do We Identify A Good Clinic To Perform This Type Of Procedure?

The first thing is to go to clinics and specialized institutions certified in the care of visual health and not go to centers or opticians who are not able to do these procedures. Look very well at the experience, technology and medical equipment that the institution offers since it is the place where you will place your eyes.

The institution must also offer and guarantee the maximum security measures that allow optimal management of the patient in any case of contingency.

What Should Be Taken Into Account When Finding Out About Laser Surgery?

Not all patients are candidates for ocular laser surgery, we must consider:

  • At least 18 years old.
  • Exclusions. Pregnant or lactating, patients with diseases that compromise collagen such as arthritis, uncontrolled diabetic patients, patients with retinal problems, patients who do not have stability in their refraction, so there are many factors that make it unnecessary to operate on those patients.
  • The initial consultation is the best time to clarify all charges and services included in the value of the procedure.


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