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What Causes Calcium Deposits on Eyelids & Ways to Remove it?

Calcium deposits may come across as an external skin growth or a build up that looks like boils or rashes. While many physicians consider it harmless, there are doctors who have suggested immediate medication and surgeries to avoid ailments later on, including heart disease. Calcium deposits are basically solidified crystalline formation of excess calcium in the blood cells. Growth on the eyelids is just one form of deposits as these formations or cysts can occur anywhere on the body – externally or internally. Doctors have studied these formations over a period of time and have arrived upon a host of possible reasons behind the growth. However, they ruled out one misconception – a lack of calcium in your diet has nothing to do with it.

An excess amount of calcium in your blood is one of the major reasons behind such deposits in your body. Eyelids being one of the most sensitive and softest tissues tend to become an easy target for calcium deposits on it. Regardless of the fact that 98% of calcium in our body dwells in our bones and teeth, the excess bit circulates throughout the body, forming cysts in softer areas. However calcification of such deposits in the eyelids can be due to infections, irregular metabolism, kidney related issues and physical dysfunctions too. Detailing it further, here are some physical transformations that cause these deposits around the body:

What Causes of Calcium Deposits on Eyelids?

What Causes of Calcium Deposits on Eyelids

How the Ageing Process Leads to Calcium Deposits on Eyelids?

It is normal for the formation of calcium deposits in and around the eyelids of your grandparents or sometimes even your parents and elderly family members. Well, this occurrence forms part of the ageing process. Acute stress or trauma on your eyes can lead to such formations.

Regular Itching and a Sty on the Eyelid Can Cause Calcium Deposits?

A sty is mainly caused due to staphylococcal bacteria which settle on the surface of the skin, breeding on the dead cells and the debris collected in the eye. This process may tend to create a blockage which in turn forms a tiny pimple leading to lump and pus formation. Considering its eradication may not be a permanent solution, in case of leftover residue of the previous sty, there are chances the eyes may have to deal with constant itching and stys. This could lead to the development of calcium growth under the skin.

Calcium Deposits on Eyelid Caused Due to Healing Process of a Damaged Eyelid

A human body possesses great healing powers, while the scars may tend to remain; fluids in our body heal the wounds effectively. If you happen to get injured near the eyes, the healing process could lead to the excess accumulation of calcium deposits which may form a growth under the eyelid.

Excess Use of Beauty Products around Eyes Could Lead to Calcium Deposits

Medical researchers are of the opinion that excess use of beauty products, chemicals or even make-up can be bad for your skin. Considering that the skin near the eyes is quite delicate and sensitive, the calcium components and oil from these products tends to settle back in case the make up is not removed on time. Such deposits can damage the eyelids and result in crystalline growth around the eyes.

While a regular wash and cleansing with rose water or medicated solutions are good options to heal such calcium deposits on the eyelids, sometimes they may magically disappear on their own too. However not taking a risk of ignoring them, here are few home based ingredients that can actually work wonders when used to remove these deposits completely.

Ways to Remove Calcium Deposit on Eyelids

How olive oil can help remove calcium deposits from eyelids?

Olive oil comes with potent healing properties. Besides moisturizing your skin around the eye area or helping you remove your make-up, the oil can combat the formation of calcium deposit on the lids. Rich in vitamin C, the oil must be used every night to witness quick healing. You may first have to wash your eyes with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a cotton swab. Once dry, take a few drops of virgin olive oil and apply it on the rim and the eyelids of your eyes. Massage it gently until it spreads across and leave it overnight before you wash it in the morning. Repeat this procedure for a month and you will notice the changes eventually.

Aloe vera extract can help get rid of calcium deposits on the eyelids

Dermatologists across the world have named such kind of calcium deposits under the eyelids as millia. They recommend aloe vera as a potent remedy. The aloe vera gel is known to heal dry skin and other skin-related ailments too. In case of such calcium millia, aloe vera gel can be used as an eye cream. Make sure to massage your eyelids twice a day with little aloe gel and wash it off after a few hours for better results. Alongside cleansing the area near the eyes, it also heals such deposits, gradually lightening the skin on the eyelids.

While these are just home-based remedies for the calcium deposits under your eyelids, doctors and dermatologists have recommended homeopathy as a good option to eradicate and heal such deposits. In fact, homeopathy medicines not only deal with curing the sty problem completely but also helps flush out the deposits. This helps balance out the calcium percentage in the body to avoid the growth of cysts.

Ways to Prevent Calcium Deposit on Eyelids

Despite these remedies, there are a few things you can incorporate in your daily schedule to avoid having to face the issue of calcium deposits:

  • Include loads of Vitamin C based fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • Increase water intake to flush out toxins and regulate your metabolism
  • Wash your eyes immediately post waking up and try doing so regularly during the day
  • Leaving eyes shut with cotton swabs drenched in rose water is a good way not only to cool the redness in your eyes but to avoid accumulation of calcium deposits
  • Ensure visiting a doctor for a regular eye check up once you cross the 35-year-old mark.

When you are committed to taking care of the area around your eyes, you do not need to worry about calcium deposits making an unnecessary introduction.


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