Vitamin C for Enhancing Fertility in Men

Vitamin C has been proved through a few studies to be an essential part in immunity building, hormonal equalization, sperm wellbeing, insusceptibility and pregnancy. In the event that you have been attempting to get pregnant, figuring out how vitamin C can build your chances of being a parent is worth knowing. Vitamin C supplementation can help enhance fertility in men.

Vitamin C for Enhancing Fertility in Men

In spite of the disturbing increment in male barrenness, the uplifting news is that by and large it’s totally reversible. Various studies show that certain supplements especially Vitamin C can straightforwardly affect sperm quality—and can at last result in enhanced pregnancy rate.

Vitamin C to Enhance Fertility in Men

Vitamin C has appeared to enhance sperm quality and shield sperm from DNA harm; decreasing the chance of miscarriages and chromosomal deformities. Vitamin C shields sperm from oxidative harm because of free radicals.

Studies demonstrate that vitamin C insufficiency has been connected to low sperm counts, poor sperm motility and morphology. Vitamin C is important to guarantee good sperm, as well as to bolster them in getting where they have to go.

One study noted significant change in sperm wellbeing in men who had undergone fertility treatments for male factors and failed because of high number of sperms with DNA fragmentation. The scientists found that only 2 months of supplementation with both vitamin C and E at one gram a day respectively led to diminished DNA fragmentation in sperm and enhanced implantation and fruitful pregnancy rates.

A study performed in 1991 demonstrated that ascorbic acid (a type of vitamin C) levels are much higher in seminal fluid contrasted with different liquids in the human body, including blood. Similarly, it also demonstrated that even in normal male subjects, decrease in vitamin C levels can be unfavorable to sperm wellbeing. At the point when dietary vitamin C was decreased from 250mg to only 5mg a day, ascorbic acid levels in the male subjects seminal fluid lessened by half, and the quantity of sperm that had harm to their DNA expanded by 91%. These outcomes show the significance of dietary vitamin C in averting fertility problems in men.

In an open trial conducted on infertile man, otherwise healthy individual, it was found that taking 1000mg of vitamin C twice daily for 2 months increases the overall sperm health drastically. Sperm count increased to 60.1%, morphology to 66.7% and motility to 39%.

That isn’t all, vitamin C supplementation has likewise been appeared to build the nature of sperm in smokers and diminish sperm agglutination (when they bunch together), making them more motile.

The worldwide decrease in sperm quality, particularly conspicuous in industrialized countries, can possibly debilitate the survival of mankind. Numerous explanations behind this decrease have been proposed, the most grounded of which need to do with natural and dietary components novel to the current age.

Since male factor fertility problems represent more than half of all infertility cases, it is dependent upon men to improve their sperm quality. Unfortunately, no prescription or routine therapeutic treatment appears to be equipped for turning around this perilous pattern.

Moreover, cancer prevention agent and cell empowering supplements, which is mainly composed of different antioxidants, can enhance sperm motility, sperm check, and the quantity of typical sperm cells, while diminishing harm to sperm DNA—at last enhancing the possibilities of effective pregnancy.

Ways to Get Enough Vitamin C to Enhance Fertility in Men

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is very sensitive to exposure to air, cooking as well as any processing. Hence it is essential to have it in the raw form and also to consume as soon as it is cut and it’s fresh. Foods that are high in vitamin C lose its vitamin C content if kept cut and uncovered for a long time. Studies have confirmed that when a cucumber is cut and not consumed post 3 hours, it loses its vitamin C by 41-49%.

Foods that are High in Vitamin C Content: Oranges, citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, acerola cherries, guava, papaya, strawberries, mustard greens, broccoli, bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, kale, cauliflower, spinach, parsley.

Fruits and vegetables having high amount of vitamin C must be included in the diet to enhance fertility in men along with overall health and immunity. In case the natural ways aren’t sufficient enough to provide the amount required by the body, your physicians would recommend dietary or pharmaceutical supplements for make that up. In both the ways, you can boost your fertility and enhance the sperm health in men.

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