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Can You Get Bell’s Palsy From A Fan Blowing On You & What Is The Fastest Way To Cure It?

Facial palsy or Bell’s palsy is a type of severe weakness or paralysis of facial muscles takes place on a particular side of the patients’ face. The condition takes place from swelling in the nerve responsible to control the facial muscles.(1)

Symptoms of Bell’s palsy condition vary among individuals and range from mild weakness to severe or complete paralysis. Especially, the patients have sudden weakness on a particular side of his/her face. Patients may have other symptoms, like drooling and drooping of one’s mouth, excessive tearing in a particular eye, and inability to close eyes.(2)

Most of the scientists believe that common cold, meningitis, herpes simplex, sore virus or any other similar type of viral infection may cause Bell’s palsy disorder. This is because; viral infection causes swelling of the facial nerve and its inflammation.(3)

Can You Get Bell’s Palsy From A Fan Blowing On You?

Most of the idiopathic type of Bell’s palsy takes place because of your exposure to blowing fan and cold wind. However, one can prevent the idiopathic type of Bell’s palsy by avoiding his/her neck and face exposure to blowing wind and avoid sitting close to air conditioners. Along with blowing fans, you should avoid sleeping under open windows.(4)

What Is The Fastest Way To Cure Bell’s Palsy?

The question that comes in our mind is what is the fastest possible way to cure the condition of Bell’s palsy? For this, doctors revealed that most of the patients recover completely that too without treatment. However, simultaneously, medical experts said that there is no specific treatment to deal with Bell’s palsy. Instead, doctors only prescribe medications and recommend physical therapy to achieve speed recovery. In rare cases, doctors recommend surgery to cure Bell’s palsy.

Medications To Cure Bell’s Palsy Disease

Doctors recommend for few of the common medications to cure the problem of Bell’s palsy.

Antiviral Drugs: The role of antiviral drugs has remained unsettled among doctors. However, depending on the patient’s condition, doctors sometimes prescribe Antivirals in combination with steroids to benefit people suffering from the condition of Bell’s palsy.

Corticosteroids: Prednisone or any other similar types of corticosteroids are few of the strong anti-inflammatory agents. These reduce the facial nerve swelling and fit comfortably in your surrounding bony corridor. Corticosteroids give good results if you start taking them within only a few days your symptoms begin.

However, doctors sometimes give acyclovir or valacyclovir combined with prednisone to deal with patients suffering from facial palsy in its severe form.

Physical Therapy: Paralyzed muscles may shrink and become short to cause permanent contractures. In this situation, physical therapists train you in various ways to exercise and massage the facial muscles to prevent the adverse condition of permanent contractures.

Surgery To Cure Bell’s Palsy Disease

Decompression Surgery: Decompression surgery was useful in the past to give relief from the pressure created on facial nerves by simply opening the bony passage, from where the nerve passes. However, decompression surgery involves various risks related to permanent hearing loss and facial nerve injury, because of which it is not recommendable today.

Plastic Surgery: In rare cases, plastic surgery becomes essential to correct severe or long-lasting problems of one’s facial nerve. Surgery is recommendable here to restore the facial movements and to retain the even look of your face. Common examples of plastic surgery are eyelid lift, eyebrow lift, nerve grafts, and facial implants.(5)


Based on the facts mentioned here on Bell’s palsy condition or facial paralysis condition, we should say that Bell’s palsy takes place from the exposure of a person to blowing wind of fan or outside environment. On the other side, the fastest way to cure the problem depends on the specific condition of a patient.


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