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Chin Numbness : 4 Causes for Your Chin to Go Numb?

Chin Numbness

Chin numbness is the loss of sensation in the chin area. Why does this occur? Well, the final branches of the lower part of the trigeminal nerve are known as the mental nerves which are present on each side of the chin. These mental nerves are responsible for carrying sensation from the chin. Any damage or injury to the mental nerves can cause the chin to go numb.

Mental nerves are present at the end of a very long route, due to which any diseases or medical conditions which affect the nerve anywhere along its path can cause numbness of the chin. Chin numbness may seem like a minor problem, but it should not be left unheeded, as chin numbness can be an indication of a serious medical problem and needs immediate medical attention.

Chin Numbness

Chin Numbness: 4 Causes for Your Chin to Go Numb?

Chin Numbness Caused By Cancer

Numbness in the chin can be the first symptom of cancer and should not be ignored. Numbness of the chin is usually an ominous sign and indicates a worsening or progressing of an underlying disease. According to studies, if the chin numbness is due to cancer, then life expectancy of the patient after the diagnosis of a numb chin is around one year. Common cancers which cause chin numbness include lymphoma and metastatic breast cancer. Lung cancer and prostate cancer can also cause chin numbness.

Infection Can Cause Your Chin to Go Numb

If there is an abscess present in the lower gums, then it can lead to neuropathy, either of the mental nerve or inferior alveolar nerve which in turn can cause the chin to go numb.

Chin Numbness Caused by Trauma

The mental nerves which are present on either side of the chin can be damaged by an injury to the jaw, such as occurring during motor vehicle accidents. Dental procedures, especially tooth extractions, can also damage the inferior alveolar nerve, which ends in the mental nerve resulting in tingling and numbness in the lower jaw and chin.

Chin Numbness Caused by Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis can also cause your chin to go numb. In multiple sclerosis, the myelin sheath which covers the nerve cells is attacked. Symptoms other than chin numbness include paralysis, psychiatric problems, sensory loss and loss of vision.

Diagnosis & Treatment of Chin Numbness

The cause of the chin numbness can be diagnosed through different investigations such as blood tests and imaging tests including CT scan and MRI scan etc. Once the cause of the chin numbness has been identified, then the correct treatment should be started immediately.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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