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How to Tighten the Skin Under the Chin with Exercise?

A loose and a sagging chin often give you an older and plump look. It is also alternatively referred to as the double chin. This is a problem that is often associated with an excess weight gain but can even be a hereditary problem for many and it is for this reason that tightening the skin under the chin is tackled or attempted to tackle in a wide variety of ways. In certain cases, it is seen that simple dietary control can help to improve the situation. However, certain exercises can help you to reshape the contours of your chin to perfection.

How to Tighten the Skin Under The Chin With Exercise?

How to Tighten the Skin Under The Chin With Exercise?

In recent times, health and beauty experts have come up with different types of exercises that can help you to flatten and tighten the skin under your chin. Let us take a closer look at them.(1, 2)

Upright Chewing Exercise: This is a really simple exercise that can be done both in the sitting and also the standing position. To begin with, you can sit in an upright position and can tilt back your head in a manner so that you can stare at the ceiling. Then keeping your lips pressed and your mouth closed you must begin a chewing motion. Soon you will experience the movement of your mouth and chin muscles. You must perform this action for twenty minutes without a break. Try to repeat the process for a minimum of five times a day. Keep in mind that whether you are sitting or standing, the position of the backbone must be upright.

Kissing the Ceiling Exercise: In this form of exercise, you must sit in an upright position. Then you need to tilt back your head so that you are staring directly at the ceiling. Now, pucker your lips in a way so that it will look like you are trying to kiss the ceiling. You need to hold the position for ten seconds. You can repeat this exercise five times a day with a few seconds rest in between each set.

Tongue Exercise to Tighten The Skin Under The Chin: This is a form of exercise that must again be performed in a sitting or even a standing position. Whichever position it might be but your back must be in an upright position. Tilt your head backward so that you are staring directly at the ceiling. Holding this position, you need to stick out your tongue and then stretch it in a way so that the tip of the tongue can touch your chin. Even if you are unable to touch the tip of your tongue to your chin try to stretch your tongue as much as possible. Hold your tongue in this position for a stretch of seconds and then close your mouth. Continue doing at least seven to eight times like this at a row with a few seconds gap between each set.

Lying Neck Stretch: In this exercise, you need to lie back on your back either on a bed or a table and then hang your head backward from one of the sides. Then you need to lift your head and try to press your chin to your neck looking at the rest of your torso(3). You must hold the position for a minimum of ten seconds and repeat the exercise for ten to twelve times at a row with a few seconds gap in between. Do consult a physician if you have any neck related issue before doing this exercise.

Neck Roll Exercise to Tighten the Skin Under the Chin: This is a form of exercise that is done with the help of your neck muscles. You must begin by slowly moving your neck from one side to another. Then you can make circular movements with your neck by moving it clockwise and then anti-clockwise.


Yoga is one of the simplest and time-proven methods through which you can work on tightening the skin under your chin(4). There are certain asanas in yoga that cannot just help you to tone the skin under your chin but at the same time, it can also give an overall glow to your health. In certain extreme conditions, plastic surgery is also prescribed for the tightening of the skin under the chin. However, for best results begin any process of skin treatment under your chin under some experienced professional guidance.


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