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8 Effective Ways to Treat Blocked Nose

Have you faced awkwardness due to the stuffy nose? When your nose is blocked, breathing can be difficult for you. Cold, allergies and changes in weather can leave your nose blocked. As per the healthcare specialists, when our head gets filled with fluid, blockage is created which affects the respiration that begins from the nose. Further, the membrane inside our nose becomes irritated and inflamed. Whatever may be the cause, sinus infection, cold, flu or allergies, dealing with blocked nose can leave you feeling tired and dull.

8 Effective Ways to Treat Blocked Nose

8 Effective Ways to Treat Blocked Nose

If for any reasons you are having blocked nose, there are solutions to treat it and make you feel better. So, follow the below mentioned advices to heal your blocked nose, easily:-

  1. Using Humidifier Can Help Get Rid of Blocked Nose

    A humidifier can help in treating the blocked nose or nasal congestion as it provides humidity and moisture to the nose that helps in relaxing the irritated membrane. The sinuses become sore when the air is dry, mostly during the winter season. Humidifier proves out to be efficient, even if you have a blocked nose because of the sinus pain. A humidifier produces the right volume of moistness in the air, thus relieves the sinus congestion.

    It helps in soothing the dry sinuses by making the mucus thin in the nose. Hence, by using humidifier, one shall be able to clean the mucus present in the nose so as to allow an individual to breathe normally.

    Note:- Properly clean the humidifiers on a daily basis to ensure the health of your family.

  2. Steam Showers and Hot Water Steam

    Steam Shower: You know, even the hot showers can help you in treating your blocked nose. The heat and steam can do miracles for the congested nose caused by sinus allergy. Take a warm shower, as long as you can as the steam from the shower shall help you in opening up your nasal passage and thin out the mucus and thereby lessen down the inflammation, as well.

    Hot Water Steam: You can also take hot water steam to get rid of the blocked nose. Just boil the water, pour it in a jar, hold the pot with a cloth comfortably, place a towel on your head and put your head over the jar. Allow the steam to pass through your nose and take in deep breaths. It will clear the blockage and also reduce the sinus pain.

    Caution: – The hot water steam must be taken carefully so that you don’t burn yourself from the hot boiling water.

  3. Keep Your Throat Hydrated

    Drink Plenty of Fluids: It is vital to keep your throat hydrated. The drier your throat gets, more frustrated you feel. You can drink anything of your choice. You can have warm water, tea and healthy soup to make you feel better. It will help in treating your sore throat as well as the blocked nose. They aid in thinning the mucus in your nasal passages so that the fluids can flow out through the nostrils and decrease the irritation on the membrane.

    Gargle: Further, you can also treat the sore throat by gargling using warm water and salt. Take few sip of the mixture; tip your head back in a way that it remains in your mouth itself. Do not ingest it. Now gargle the mixture and then spit it out. Repeat the process till the mixture in the glass finishes.

    Medicated Candy: During the day, you can keep medicated candy in your mouth to keep your throat hydrated. You must avoid drinking alcohol and coffee.

  4. Use Nasal Saline Spray

    When your nose is all jammed up with cold, you can get quick relief with a nasal spray. Nasal saline spray loosens the mucus present in the nose and also clears the blockages. The Nasal spray comes in two forms one is regular spray, and another is pump spray. However before using the spray, do consult your physician.

  5. Clear Blocked Nose with Neti Pot

    Blocked nose can make your life difficult. One may get devoid of breathing properly, you may not be able to smell properly and experience severe headache. Further, your voice may also not sound good. In order to get relief, you can clean your blocked nostrils with the help of neti pot.

    How to Use Neti Pot to Clear Blocked Nose?

    Using a neti pot is easy. Lean forward over a sink and incline your head sideways. Place the opening of the neti pot in the upper nostril. While you breathe through your mouth, slowly pour the neti pot water into the upper nostril. You will notice, neti pot liquid coming out of the lower nostril along with the mucus present in the blocked nose. Repeat the process on the other side as well.

    Things to be Careful about While Using Neti Pot to Clear Blocked Nose

    • It is necessary that you use a safe water source in your neti pot.
    • Use distilled or sterile water (you can buy it from retail chemist stores)
    • If using tap water, then boil it for 3 to 5 times and allow it to cool down till it turns lukewarm. This shall help in getting rid of the micro organisms present in the tap water.
    • Many GPs recommend using a neti pot for nasal congestion as well as allergies, sinus infections and colds.
    • With neti pot, one can get the relief within 5 minutes of its use. It is also safe to use it as it a natural way to treat the blocked nose.
  6. Get Rid of Blocked Nose With the Help of a Warm Compress

    It is an easy home remedy which can help you in getting relief from the blocked nose. Soak a thick towel in warm water and squeeze the water out of it. Then apply the warm compress to your nose, forehead as well as upper cheek. Ensure that there is a close contact of the towel with the skin. The warmth of towel can reduce the congestion and release the pain. Repeat the process, and you will feel better.

    Caution:- Be careful about the temperature of the water in which you shall dip the towel, as high temperature can burn your skin.

  7. Decongestants

    Decongestants are medicines that help in treating a blocked or stuffy nose. Most decongestants come in liquid or pill form.

    Decongestant nose sprays and drops should not be used over three days as using them regularly will make your body dependent on them. Dependency will make your nose worse. Always consult your doctor when using for more than three days.

    Caution:- Don’t take decongestants if your blood pressure is high. Inform your doctor if you have diabetes, heart problems, or thyroid before taking decongestants.

  8. Medicines for Allergy

    If you have nose blockage due to an allergic reaction, antihistaminic medication will work the best for you. Antihistamines stop your body from releasing the chemical, histamine, which plays a significant role in facilitating allergic reactions. Anti histaminic medicines can also make you sleepy. Do consult your doctor if you any issues while taking this medication.

    Blocked nose can be itchy and irritating, however with the discussed remedies, one can easily clear the blockage from nasal passage and bring relief and happiness, again back in the life.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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