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4 Exercises to Strengthen Throat Muscles

The throat muscles in your body perform a large number of functions and contribute to your digestive and the respiratory system. The throat muscles are circular in shape and are placed in the form of rings around the region of your throat. They are situated in the front part of the neck and connect the mouth and the nasal passages to the food and the windpipe. It might surprise you, a problem in the throat muscles can lead to loud snoring problems in a person. A well-toned throat muscle can help you in swallowing food(1) and also give you a leaner and a much younger look. Your throat contains more than fifty pairs of muscles and they work in coordination with your tongue, the pharynx and the sphincter muscles that help you to swallow your food better(2).

4 Exercises to Strengthen Throat Muscles

4 Exercises to Strengthen Throat Muscles

Some exercises can help you to manage your throat muscles better. These are some of the exercises that can also help you to get over your habit of snoring. Let us take a closer look at them:

  • Curing the Snore as an Exercise for Strengthening the Throat Muscles:

    One of the most common problems experienced by a majority of people at the time of sleeping is the problem of snoring. This can become a problem in a relationship and can also disturb the sleep of your partner. Often loose or weakened throat muscles could be the trigger factor that causes this problem. A simple exercise is that of curing the snore. In this form of throat exercise, you open and close your mouth as wide as possible and completely. You need to perform the exercise for as many as eight to ten times in a row and then at the end, you must pucker your lips as tightly as possible and then hold the position for ten to fifteen seconds. Then end the exercise with an exaggerated and a really wide smile. For every single time in all the eight to ten times, you must do all the mentioned actions in a row.

  • Chin Push Exercise:

    Experts and medical practitioners are of the view that this particular exercise can help you to tighten and also strengthen your throat muscles to a huge extent(3). This is a form of exercise that can effectively control your snoring. With the fingers put slight pressure on the bottom of the shin. Next, you must use your throat muscles for pressing against your fingers as much as possible. During the activity try not to move your head, as this will exercise the muscles at the back of your neck and not your throat muscles. Try and keep your head as steady as possible while you put up a resistance to your fingers. Hold the position for a minimum of a couple of minutes. For best results, do the exercise for a minimum of five to six times in a row or as prescribed by your doctor.

  • Throat Crunch Exercise for Strengthening Throat Muscle:

    The throat crunch exercise is one of the most common forms of exercise that uses the force of gravity to put or exert pressure on your throat muscles. This helps to make the muscles even stronger with time. You can use a bed or a table to perform the exercise. Lie down on your back and allow your head to hang down over the edge of the bed or the table. Applying the front neck muscles lift your head up till it touches your chest or comes close to it. You must repeat the action ten times on a regular basis.

  • Chin and Throat Tightening Exercise for Throat Muscle:

    In this form of exercise, you must firmly lift your lower lip applying pressure from your throat and chin muscles. Hold this position for five to seven seconds and then you can contract your lower lip along with lowering of your chin as if you wish to tuck back your throat. Make sure that your neck is not bent when you lower your chin. Use your throat muscles to do the exercise instead of your neck muscles. This action can be repeated for a dozen times at a row every single day for tighter chin and throat.


Throat muscle exercises not just makes your throat muscles all the more firm, but also makes swallowing easier for you. Through these throat muscle exercises, you can also effectively control your problems of sleep apnea(4). However, before starting any exercises, always consult with an health care expert and do exercises that have been advised by him to have better and stronger throat muscles and avoid many health issues.


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