Treating Sore Throat Naturally With Warm Salt Water Gargle

Something which I hate the most is my sore throat! I might sound funny, but the fact is my throat is a permanent visiting place for the bacteria and viruses causing sore throat. Someone has rightly said somewhere, “I have a perfect cure for sore throat; cut it!” Sore throat, also termed medically as Pharyngitis or Tonsillitis is the ill condition in man where the victim suffers from itching, swelling and scratching of the throat usually caused by microbial infections. Now as mentioned at first that I am a regular patient of this irritating throat condition; it is very much obvious that I am also a great researcher on the same. After all my research on sore throat, one thing which I personally feel that this ill throat condition can be cured fairly at home following some of the natural home remedies in a strict manner. Though some people might require medical treatments or the medications & antibiotic treatments for extreme conditions of sore throat, I would still say natural at-home remedies do work well in most conditions; especially warm salt water gargles, at least it has consistently helped me every time I meet with this irritating throat. Here below are some of the home remedies for sore throat which I follow in my case and which has proven to provide relief in many cases. So guys if you are someone who prefers natural treatments; go for this current write-up and you would surely find some good benefit out of it.

Treating Sore Throat Naturally

Sore Throat And Its Common Causes:

Tonsillitis or Pharyngitis; commonly known as sore throat is mainly a microbial infection which causes irritating symptoms in throat including itching, scratching and swelling. Many a times, sore throats are actually painful and cause difficulty in swallowing. Sore throat is caused due to many agents, though virus and bacteria is the most common infectious agent responsible for the inflammation in the pharynx or larynx. Apart from the microbial infection, sore throat can also be caused by excessive smoking, and other irritants like chemicals or air pollutants etc. Sometimes shouting real loud and coughing hard continuously for long can also causes soreness in the throat.

Treating Sore Throat Without Medicines:

Someone has rightly said, “Being natural is about adopting purity!” Natural treatments for any disease or ill condition which can be cured without medicines; must always be encouraged by every individual. As I mentioned earlier, I myself am a usual sufferer of sore throat and I take natural treatment whenever I am stuck up with tonsillitis. “Warm salt water gargling” is the most effective natural treatment for sore throat for me. Now something which has actually proven great for me; will be something I would like to present at first. So here in the following array we will be discussing on “Warm salt water gargling as the best home remedy for sore throat.”

Treating Sore Throat Naturally With Warm Salt Water Gargle:

I simply remember gargling with salt warm water during my period of irritating throat conditions, since my childhood. A warm water and salt mixed with it proves real great in soothing sore throat. You can go for a half teaspoon of salt in one glass warm water and gargle every two hours to get quick relaxation. Let me present you the exact recipe for salt water gargle.

Recipe For Warm Salt Water Gargling:

I remember that salty water solution I made once for gargling and excusing that I would say “I was just 11 years old then!” 😛 It was perhaps like water was added in salt. Now leaving apart this funny time, it must be said that the proper recipe or the ingredients required in the exact quantity is highly crucial while making the salt warm water solution for gargling.

You can go for around half teaspoon of salt in a glass on warm water in normal conditions. However for more effectiveness, increase the salt content and make it to ¾ teaspoon. Also keep in mind to use dechlorinated, pure and filtered water.

How Frequently Should One Do Warm Salt Water Gargle To Ease the Sore Throat?

There are no strict rules on the frequency or how often or how rare you need to gargle. In case of severe problematic throat; you can go for the gargling as often as once in every one hour.

Now if you ask me, how long one should gargle in one gargling cycle; I would say you can go anywhere from 15 seconds to 3 minutes; depending on your choice. Well! I do go for a maximum of one minute.

How To Gargle In A Proper Way:

Three Simple Steps To Follow While Gargling Are:

  • Intake the salt water solution in mouth and bend your head backwards.
  • Now extend your tongue so that the warm salt water reaches the lower end of the throat and then start gargling the salt water.
  • When the salt warm water solution reaches throat, it helps in clearing the mucus covering the throat lining which shades the infectious agents causing throat pain or discomfort. This in turn helps in clearing throat and getting relaxation from sore throat.

Various Other Home Remedies For Sore Throat:

Now quickly diving into the list of some other at-home remedies for sore throat which also does provide relief; here we are with the following section of the article:

Various Other Home Remedies For Sore Throat

  • Take Honey: “Honey is the real honey treatment for sore throat.” This is the most known home remedy for sore throat. It can be taken straight or can be taken with warm water as hot tea. An addition of ginger juice to it works even better.
  • Licorice Root With Hot Water Gargle: This is a traditional natural treatment for sore throat where the licorice root is mixed with hot water to make the gargling mixture which is to be gargled. Licorice root provides quick relief from itching and swollen throat and also help in treating cough & cold.
  • Slippery Elm And Hot Water Intake: A solution made of slippery elm in hot water is one of the best known and accepted treatments for sore throat and cough. Usually during sore throat condition, the throat is affected by infection which requires relaxation and effective protection. Slippery elm contains mucus like substance which helps in clearing the affected coat and help in getting relief during irritating throat conditions.
  • Take Warm Water With Lemon And Honey Mixture: Lemon and honey combined together in warm water works as an excellent home remedy for sore throat.
    Drink Horseradish Cocktail: Horseradish cocktail is an effective Russian treatment for sore throat. You can take horseradish root straight or can combine one tablespoon of the root with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of ground cloves to make the mixture with hot water and take during the irritating throat condition.
  • Suck Ginger And Garlic: You can suck fresh peeled garlic or piece of slightly fried ginger along with salt while suffering from sore throat. Garlic contains a chemical called allicin, which kills the bacteria causing the throat infection.

Now that you are here with some of the beneficial home treatments for sore throat; go for these remedies in practical life during sore throat and let the soreness leave your throat and keep you relaxed in tough times.

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