How Do I Get Rid Of The White Coating On My Tongue?

White tongue or white coating in the tongue refers to the coating of bacteria, debris and various dead cells formed on the tongue to make it appears white. The problem may indicate a few of the severe conditions, which range from minor infections to severe precancerous conditions.(1)

How Do I Get Rid Of The White Coating On My Tongue?

You have to follow the mentioned home remedies to get rid of your white tongue easily:


How Do I Get Rid Of The White Coating On My Tongue?

Raw Garlic: Having raw garlic helps your body to fight with candida and other related infections. According to research studies, garlic has a compound called allicin, which proves to be effective to fight with Candida albicans i.e. a harmful strain. You may have a complete garlic clove in a day or simply chop it to have it by using olive oil to reduce your risk related to white tongue.


Probiotics: Probiotics are effective ways to influence various symptoms related to the white tongue. These are available as small bacterial strains and benefit your digestive system. Even though most of the research studies conducted on probiotics has proved that it is helpful to improve your gut health, a few of the studies have proved that probiotics are helpful for both the tongue and the mouth.

The reason for this is that probiotic bacteria may easily occupy your gut and mouth. In some of the cases, such bacteria help fight off fungi/yeasts responsible to cause infections and various bad bacterial strains.

Scrub Of Baking Soda: Addition of edible baking soda to your toothbrush and simply scrubbing your teeth, tongue, and gums may reduce the bacteria responsible to cause white tongue. Moreover, baking soda kills many harmful bacteria, which usually cause oral infections, such as Candida and Streptococcus.


Tongue Scraping Activity: You should scrap your tongue from front to back and vice-versa gently to remove and reduce the debris and bacteria, which settle in your mouth.(3)

Steps To Reduce The Odds Of Getting White Tongue

Along with the aforementioned home remedies, you should take certain steps to reduce your odds to suffer from the white tongue. These are as follows-

  • Use of toothbrush, which has soft bristles
  • Using toothpaste, which contains fluoride
  • Make a habit to brush teeth for 2 times in one day
  • Use a mouthwash that has fluoride daily
  • Flossing for minimum one time in one day

Along with this, you should follow a few of the additional tips to avoid your white tongue problems, which include-

  • Visit your dental office at the interval of six months for teeth cleaning and dental checkup
  • Strictly avoid or at least tobacco and alcoholic products
  • Have a combination of food, which contains fresh veggies and juicy fruits.(4)

Underlying Causes Of White Tongue Coating

The white tongue takes place because of overgrowth as well as swelling of papillae i.e. finger like projections on your tongue’s surface. The white coating on your tongue mainly takes place due to bacteria, debris and dead cells, which lodge between inflamed and enlarged papillae. Papillae hypertrophy and/or its inflammation may take place because of many reasons, which include-

  • Dry mouth
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Dehydration
  • Smoking and consumption of other tobacco products
  • Excessive use of alcohol
  • Mouth breathing
  • Usually having mashed or soft foods, also known as low roughage diet
  • Irritation because of sharp dental appliances and tooth edges
  • A mild or severe type of fever.(2)


Therefore, with a few home remedies and preventative measures, you will expect to get rid of white tongue and related oral conditions in the less possible period.


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