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Is Oral Thrush A Progressive Disease & Alternative Treatments For It?

Oral yeast infection or oral thrush is a fungal infection caused by an overgrowth of the Candida fungus in the mouth, generating white plaques on the tongue and inside the cheeks. This fungus is normally found in our body both in the vaginal region, in the skin and the mouth, however, when the defenses (immune system and normal microflora) are low, the fungus can proliferate, generating this disease, being more common in babies and older people.

This infection has a cure and its treatment is carried out with the use of mouthwashes, antifungal and maintaining proper oral hygiene, and should be guided by a general practitioner or dentist.(1)

Is Oral Thrush A Progressive Disease?

Is Oral Thrush A Progressive Disease?

Oral thrush mostly does not lead to further serious health conditions. However, it may be very uncomfortable. For example, if the fungus spreads to your digestive tract, it may cause discomfort during swallowing. If left untreated, it may continue lasting for months to years. It should not be taken lightly, as there can be some root causes of oral fungal diseases that may have severe consequences.(2)

Alternative Treatments For Oral Thrush

Repeated episodes of oral thrush also a symptom of immune deficiency. Therefore, try to build your immune system through a healthy diet. Also, maintain good oral hygiene, exercise regularly and promote proper rest. You can use a few simple alternative treatments to control the infection and reduce symptoms.

Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day: If you do not have good oral hygiene, brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily are necessary and can cure oral thrush.

Consume Unsweetened Yogurt: Plain yogurt contains active cultures that return a healthy pH balance and normal bacterial flora in the mouth. Although yogurt does not cure thrush in adults, it may help your body to kill enough bacteria and it is a good start for treatment.

Acidophilus Bacteria: Taking acidophilus daily is a good treatment for thrush. Acidophilus is a powder that is generally presented as a capsule, available in health food or vitamin stores. Acidophilus contains ingredients similar to yogurt, which works in the same way, allowing your body to repel oral candidiasis bacteria in adults.

Salt: Salt can be used as an effective oral thrush remedy. It produces a fungus-unfriendly condition inside your mouth. Salt can aid in relieving the symptoms fast. Mixing one teaspoon of table salt in lukewarm water (about one cup) to gargle and then spit. It is also good to apply a little salt inside the oral cavity and on the tongue and keep it for some time (not more than several seconds). Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Baking Soda: You can use baking soda as a safe and cost-effective oral thrush treatment. This destroys the yeast triggering the infection. Moreover, it helps maintain a good pH level in the mouth by neutralizing acids.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil also has shown good effectiveness fighting against oral thrush aiding to eliminate the fungus and reduce the associated discomfort.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is another effective home remedy to combat this oral yeast infection. The Candida albicans development can be regulated by its strong antifungal effects.

Apple Cider Vinegar: This has enzymes to restrict infection of candida helping to restore the pH level of the body which helps to fight against the fungus overgrowth causing infection. Besides, it aids in boosting your immune response and providing a robust defense to counter candida infection.

Tea Tree Oil: This oil is also very effective in treating oral yeast infection. It has strong antifungal action to control fungal growth allowing rapid recovery.

Further, limit your intake of sugary foods to prevent the growth of yeast. If you smoke, quit smoking as it can worsen the symptoms. Suck on ice or fresh ice to reduce discomfort. Regularly visit the dentist, specifically if you are diabetic or have dentures.(3)(4)(5)


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