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What Causes Painful Sores In The Nose & What To Do About It?

Painful Sores In The Nose

It is quite common for people to have sores or pimples in the cheeks or other parts of the face or body. However, there are times when a sore develops within the nose. It can be an extremely annoying feeling as the sore cannot be seen and it is quite irritating. It gives a feeling as if something is trapped within the nose and is not able to come out. Trying to pick it forcefully can also cause it to become painful[1,2]

For a person with a painful sore in the nose, a lot of questions come to the mind with regard to dealing with it. The first question is what should be done to get rid of it. Is the treatment different from that given to treat sores on other parts of the body? Are spot treatments effective in dealing with a painful sore in the nose?[1,2]

Before we come to the answers to all these questions, it is important to understand the how pimples or sores are formed. Our whole body consists of numerous oil glands which secrete oil to the skin surface to keep it hydrated and moist, including the nose. If these glands get blocked at any area, there is a collection of oil and dead skin cells taking the shape of a pimple or a sore. While many of these sore are painless and go away with application of creams and lotions, some may become painful and cause a lot of discomfort, especially when they develop within the nose.[1,2] The article highlights some of the causes and treatment options for Painful Sores in the Nose.

What Causes Painful Sores In The Nose?

What Causes Painful Sores In The Nose?

A sore in the nose are generally not visible but if they can be seen they are usually white, yellow, or red in color and resemble a scab or a pimple. There are numerous causes as to why these painful sores develop in the nose. These include[2]

Trauma: This is by far the primary cause for a Painful Sore in the Nose. A trauma can be caused by scratching within the nose. The area may get infected and cause a painful sore. People who pick their nose regularly are vulnerable for such a damage or trauma to the skin of the nose. The inner walls of the nose can also get damaged in people who use a lot of inhalers or who snort recreational drugs.[2]

A blow to the face or fall from a height can also cause significant trauma to the nose resulting in Painful Sores in the Nose. Aside from pain, the area around the nose will also swell up due to the trauma.[2]

Infection: This is also one of the causes for Painful Sore in the Nose. Nasal vestibulitis is the most common bacterial infection that causes these sores in the nose. This condition usually occurs in people who pick their noses frequently, pluck the nose hairs, or blow the nose excessively. People who do nose piercing can also be subjected to nasal vestibulitis infection causing painful sores in the nose. Tuberculosis is yet another medical condition that can cause Painful Sore in the Nose.[2]

Lupus: This is an autoimmune disorder which causes pain and inflammation. In some cases, however, lupus can cause Painful Sore in the Nose. The symptom chart for people with lupus is quite variable and pretty much covers the entire body. Aside from painful sore in the nose, a person with lupus will feel extremely fatigued and tired. There will also be swollen and painful joints. There will be visible swelling around the eyes. People with lupus are extremely photosensitive and cannot tolerate direct sunlight.[2]

Vasculitis: This is a condition in which the blood vessels get inflamed. This prevents nutrients from reaching different body parts. Vasculitis can affect any part of the body, including the nose. The primary symptom of vasculitis affecting the facial area is a Painful Sore in the Nose.

Additional symptoms of this condition include pain in the muscles and joints, fever, weight loss due to poor appetite, and frequent bouts of headaches.[2]

Cancer: This is quite a rare cause of Painful Sore in the Nose. Cancer of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses cause these sores. People will also complain of persistently having a stuffy and runny nose, frequent sinus infections, and pain in the sinuses.[2]

What To Do About Painful Sores In The Nose?

The treatment for Painful Sore in the Nose depends on what is the cause of it. Majority of the uninfected sores and pimples in the nose clear away on their own and do not require any treatments. However, it is important not to scratch or pick the nose during the healing stage to prevent infection from settling in and making matters worse. Painful Sore in the Nose caused by bacterial infections require use of antibiotics and if the cause is identified to be tuberculosis then treatment is of utmost importance as it is a serious condition.[1,2]

For Painful Sore in the Nose caused due to lupus, a definitive cure is not possible as it is an autoimmune disorder. However, the symptoms can be managed with steroids and immune supressing drugs. For people diagnosed with cancer of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, the treatment will be devised by the treating physician and will include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.[1, 2]

During the healing stages of uninfected Painful Sore in the Nose, people can take over the counter pain medications for pain relief. A petroleum jelly is also an effective means of calming down the pain from the sore. Complete avoidance of picking and scratching the nose is necessary to prevent any infection as stated above. It is recommended to consult a physician if Painful Sore in the Nose does not heal on its own in a few days or if the symptoms worsen.[1, 2]

In conclusion, Painful Sore in the Nose is caused as a result of blocked oil glands within the nose. The skin within the nose is extremely sensitive and any kind of irritation can cause a core to develop. These sores are usually benign and not a cause to worry. They do not require any treatment unless they get infected. This happens if the person tries to pick at the spot repeatedly causing an infection. This is when a person needs to see a physician and get antibiotics to treat the infection.[1, 2]

There are also certain medical conditions like tuberculosis, lupus, and even rarely cancer that can cause Painful Sore in the Nose. For all these conditions it is imperative to consult a physician if there are any accompanying symptoms as mentioned above. Other than that, just following caution and giving time to heal is the best way to manage Painful Sore in the Nose.[1, 2]


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