5 Stretching Exercises for Tight Shoulders

Sometimes, you feel a different ache in the shoulders after sitting for a long time on a chair doing your daily works. Or maybe it happened after only one sleeping position last night. Whatever the reason of the ache that you have in your shoulder is, it will hurt you very badly and you will feel the tightening of your shoulders. Doctors of physiotherapy say that the upper area of the neck and back holds a large amount of tension all the time and it increases with the amount of time that we spend in its movement.

So, when you sit in front of the computer all the time, it will create a lot of stress in your neck and this is how it will result in the stiff and tight shoulders. People don’t recognize the importance of these shoulder muscles. They are not only simple joints, but they are the essential part of the body, such as ribs, neck and skull. They connect our different body parts as they are holding a strong position. If you want your joints to be completely free of pain and full in motion, then you need your four shoulders to work properly. If they are in stress, they will hurt you more.

In order to provide you the complete solution to these problems, all you have to do is to follow these simple 5 stretching exercises for tight shoulders that will alleviate all the pain and stress that is carried by your shoulder. Have a look at these shoulder exercises.

Stretching Exercise #1 for Tight Shoulders–Sit up Straight:

This exercise is performed on the basis of postural correction. Slouch a little forward from the standing position. You don’t have any need to do this part again and again. Now, try to over-correct it to an upright position with a slight bending on the upper back. Make sure that you are not putting a large amount of pressure on your neck or lower back. You should also place the thumb between your shoulder blades to ensure that your movement is completely perfect. Repeat the exercise in the direction 3 to 5 times.

This straight shoulder exercise will help you in the loosening the tight shoulder muscles and it also relieves all the tension. This is how you will be able to increase the flexibility of your body.

Stretching Exercise for Tight Shoulders-Sit up Straight

Stretching Exercise #2 for Tight Shoulders– Scapular Shoulder Rotation:

You might think that this move is most easy in our list of 5 stretching exercises for tight shoulders, but this is not the case as you have to do it carefully. This move needs lots of concentration and focus as you have to isolate your shoulder blades. You have to carefully move your shoulder up and down.

First of all, start the exercise in an easy and comfortable way with your arms at your own side. After that, move your blades of the shoulder in the upward direction and then move out such as pushing them away from your own body. This movement is only for one centimeter around the shoulder. Whenever you are doing this exercise, make sure that you are maintaining a proper postural alignment throughout the period of exercise as it will prevent your body from abrupt movement. Make sure that you hold to this position for a small period of 10 seconds or even more in order to effectively loosen up the tight shoulders.

Stretching Exercise for Tight Shoulders-Scapular Shoulder Rotation

Stretching Exercise #3 for Tight Shoulders– Chin Retraction:

If you have a double chin then embrace it and go ahead. If you have shoulder pain because of the large period of sitting in front of the computer, then you must try to do this step as it will help you a lot. The step is simple, move your chin in the forward direction and then pull it back very slowly as you try to put it inside the throat. This to and fro movement of the chin stretches the tight shoulder muscles. While performing this exercise, try to keep your chin in a straight direction and parallel to the floor such that it is not tipping up and down. Repeat this simple step for at least 10 times.

Stretching Exercise for Tight Shoulders-Chin Retraction

Stretching Exercise #4 for Tight Shoulders –Shoulder Rotation (Goal Post Arm):

To perform this stretching exercise to loosen up your tight shoulders, place your back to a wall and allow the scapula to rest completely in a neutral position. Now, bring your elbows at 90 degrees as your biceps side will be in contact with the wall. While performing the shoulder rotation, you have to make sure that you are doing it without moving your elbow position. Now, turn upward your right arm as the back of your right hand will touch the wall and then place your left arm downward as your left palm with touch the wall. Now, slowly switch the arms up and down for a small period of 30 seconds and try to keep your arms at 90 degrees.

Stretching Exercise 4 for Tight Shoulders-Shoulder Rotation (Goal Post Arm)

Stretching Exercise #5 for Tight Shoulders –Standing Wall Stretch:

Place both of your hands on the wall so that they will touch the wall and make a 90 degree angle. Walk back with the feet till your arms are completely straight and hinge in the forward direction at the hips. While performing the step, make sure that you are not pushing the wall. Moreover, you should try not to raise your arms too high.

Keep your shoulder blades at the back and avoid the scrunching of your shoulders around the neck. To perform the exercise completely, make sure that you have performed it 5 times and this is how you will feel a complete and an obvious stretch of the tight shoulders.

Stretching Exercise for Tight Shoulders-Standing Wall Stretch

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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