Easy & Effective Exercises To Get Rid of Nerve Related Thigh Pain

Nerve related thigh pain commonly occurs as a result of pressure exerted on a nerve in some other part of the body. Sciatica is the best example of nerve related thigh pain in which the actual compression of the nerve occurs in the low back, although the patient experiences radiating pain down the back in the thigh. There is a common opinion that one should not exercise when experiencing painful condition like sciatica. However, the actual fact is that exercising when experiencing nerve pain such as in sciatica is crucial. Cardiovascular exercise in combination with simple stretching exercises can be significantly helpful in relieving discomfort, and healing sciatica and other nerve related thigh pain.

Easy & Effective Exercises To Get Rid of Nerve Related Thigh Pain

Easy & Effective Exercises To Get Rid of Nerve Related Thigh Pain

Some easy and effective exercises to relieve nerve related thigh pain are:

Gentle Cardiovascular Workouts

Cardiovascular workouts play a crucial role in maintaining overall fitness, This is also true even when suffering from nerve related thigh pain. In fact, gentle cardiovascular workouts are quite useful in calming down the inflammation and irritation which causes nerve related thigh pain and even prevents recurrence. It should be ensured that the workouts are of low impact so that not much strain is put on the low back. Walking is an excellent, easy and effective form of gentle cardiovascular workout. People should do gentle cardiovascular workouts for at least half an hour every day to deal with nerve related thigh pain.

Hamstring Stretch Exercise

Hamstrings are the muscles located on back of the thigh. Sciatic pain often radiates down on one side of the body through the hamstring. Whether experiencing pain in the hamstrings or not, it is prudent to keep the muscles flexible and relaxed. Hamstring stretch helps to decrease strain to the back. When experiencing pain or not, one of the easiest hamstring stretches which a person can do is the Forward Bend Exercise. To do this exercise, one needs to stand straight with hands on the hips, the shoulder blades squeezed together, and their chest broadened. They should then fold forward while keeping their spine straight. The individual should stop, when the spine begins to arch and release fingertips to the floor or place them on the shin. This posture should be held for about 20 seconds before slowly rising up again. Hamstring stretch exercise should be done every day to get rid of nerve related thigh pain.

Spinal Twist

Spinal twists help in realigning the spine, and any muscles and nerves which may be pinched or out of place. When experiencing pain, easy spinal twists can be done anywhere and anytime to get some relief from nerve related thigh pain. To perform a spinal twist, one should sit on a chair facing forward, with their feet flat on the floor, hips centred on the chair, and their upper body turned to the left. The individual should then try to rotate their torso even further to that side by using the hands on their back and side of the chair. This position should be held for 20 seconds before releasing and switching sides.

Piriformis Stretching Exercise

The piriformis muscle is a muscle located in the lower half of the back, which connects the back to pelvis. At times, the sciatic nerve gets pinched by this muscle due to tightness and causes nerve related thigh pain. So, it is important to regularly loosen the piriformis muscle by stretching it. For stretching this muscle, one should lie on their back, with their knees bent, and feet placed flat. Then, move the leg on the side where the pain is felt, and place it over the knee of the other leg, stacking the knees over one another. Next, lift the feet with fingers interlaced around the back of the thigh underneath. The head and shoulders should be kept on the floor and the legs should be pulled in towards the chest. This posture should be held for about 15 seconds before switching sides for maintaining the body balance. This stretch should be performed every day and whenever feeling pain. Piriformis stretching is an easy and effective exercise that helps to get rid of nerve related thigh pain.


So, whenever you are experiencing nerve related thigh pain, do not lose hope. Perform these above mentioned exercises to get rid of nerve related thigh pain to lead a pain-free life.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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