How to Maintain Fitness Level with TRX & Can it Help Banish Fat?

About TRX:

Wondering what TRX is? Well, initially developed by and for Navy SEALS, the TRX is a yellow and a black strap found in gym and could be used at home. Fitness newbies as well as fitness enthusiasts can surely count on TRX training for a healthy and fit body. Know about training with TRX and why suspension training is helpful.

TRX has been developed to maintain fitness at all levels. The concept is basic and involves using two webbed nylon straps on both hand and feet suspending the body and using it as a resistance. The body positions on the cables enable you to enact exercises that build power, flexibility, balance, and stability. All these sounds to be a fun workout right? Know more about full body TRX workout for beginners and the most commonly questions answered to make your workout plans easy.

Training with TRX – Why Suspension Training?

Training with TRX – Why Suspension Training?

Many people often wonder about training with TRX, as to why suspension training is gaining much popularity. Stability implementation, strength and balance is generated into the workouts with the aid of TRX suspension trainer. Personal experiences have stated that certain gym goers’ possess’ brute strength but are lacking when it comes to balance and stability. However, these two do not matter most but they play a pivotal role in our day-to-day life. Hence, you can improve movement patterns by incorporating suspension training as a part of a daily workout routine. A proper stability means a stronger core, which reduces injury risks.

How to Maintain Fitness Level With TRX – Suspension Training Workout?

In fact, suspension training is an excellent workout when it comes to fitness levels. It is recommended to start slowly and then push on for intense exercises. Most exercises force to work and use multiple planes and muscle groups to make the workout functional. Taking little rest between the exercises increases your heart rate. The newbies are advised to seek help from their trainer. Performing these workouts will transform you to a hardcore and the athletic version of yourself. It is easy and effective to maintain fitness level by TRX suspension training workout.

Can TRX Workout Help Banish Fat?

Regardless of whatever exercise you do, the TRX works on your core as you incorporate strength and balance in your movements. Performing various types of movements such as plank movement and muscle core group activation increases which is an alternative in helping you banish fat. TRX workout can surely help you banish fat, if you perform it regularly, in the prescribed manner.

Can TRX Workout Be Done in Both Indoors and Outdoors?

The answer is YES, of course you can! That’s the beauty of it. Training with TRX can be enjoyed indoors as well as outdoors. At times when you feel the warmth of your surroundings, engage yourself by working out in the beaches, parks and our very own backyard. Placing the suspension trainer over an anchor like a fence, goal post or tree branches, embrace your workout. And when you feel the chill outside, use the bars and hooks of the doors as anchors. Note that it is properly attached before working out.

How to Set Up TRX Suspension Unit?

It is easy to set up TRX suspension unit. Set the anchor point approximately 7-9 feet from the ground and adjust the handle lengths and the body angles to make the exercise either easier or harder to your comfort. There should be an area of 6-8 wide and a non-slip surface.

What are the Adjustments in TRX?

Adjustments for TRX training include the following

  • Mid-length (ML) – Line the yellow tabs against the two yellow lines
  • Full Length (FL) – Extend the yellow tabs to the bottom of the straps
  • Mid-Calf (MC) – On your preference reach the handles about mid calf height
  • Short(S) – Short the yellow tabs such that they are towards the anchor point
  • Getting into the straps – Place index fingers in foot cradle and opposite foot through opposite cradle. Flip towards the direction of the leg at the top. The straps should not be crossed and you should be in plank position.

Progressing and Regressing On TRX Trainer

You can plan your training with TRX with appropriate progression and regression. The convenience of TRX training is the main reason why suspension training is popular.

  • Progression: To increase intensity, decrease your angle of workout. Which means the foot should be closer to the anchor point while standing. By bringing yourself away from anchor point, you increase the intensity of a supination position. The other ways include additional equipment pieces or unilateral exercises.
  • Regression: To prevent fatigue, create a wider angle, which involves the feel moved away from anchor point during a standing exercise. To decrease the intensity feet should be in a neutral alignment. Other ways are widening stance.

Basic Workouts for Training with TRX

Here are some of the basic workouts for training with TRX.

Pistol Squat: Begin with the feet shoulder apart. Place palms in handle facing each other. Place left foot inches in front and lift the heel. Displace weight on right foot, sit and squat down towards ground. Maintain a flat back and squeeze glutes to return to standing.

Side Lunge: Feet shoulder apart and with palms in the handle, stand back. Hinge your hips back and let your left knee reach 90 degrees. Glutes squeezed with a flat back, return to standing.

Straight-Legged Hip Hinge: Place body under anchor point. Palms on handle facing down, apply light press on handles. Hinge hips forward and extend leg parallel to ground. Feeling a stretch in hamstring return to the start

Chest Press: Face away from the anchor point and place palms facing down in handle. Extend arms towards shoulder height and squeeze glutes maintaining plank position. Bend elbows to 90 degrees and come back to the start.

Triceps Extension: Again, face away from anchor point and palms facing down. Level the handles with head crown and point elbows forward. Extend arms while squeezing the triceps. Having control over you return to the start position.

Biceps Curl: Start with feet shoulder width apart. And place palms facing upwards and extend your arms. Curl handles towards head crown and keep elbows pointed forward. Extend your arms and squeeze biceps, curl the handles towards head and return back to the start.

Rear Dealt T-Extension: Extend handles with the arms forming a ‘ T ‘. Bring shoulder down and back, squeeze the upper back muscles and bring arms to a ‘T’.

Hamstring Curls: Lie under the strap and place heels into the strap and point toes upwards. Squeeze thighs together and lift hips and bring knees towards chest.

Practice training with TRX and suspension workouts to enjoy real muscle build up and good health.

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