Full Body TRX Workout for Beginners & Benefits of TRX Workout

Workout in today’s date has gained much importance and is surely necessary to maintain good health. Workouts are related to the management and maintenance of the body. Hence, the TRX workout is completely related to the procedures for maintaining the grip as well as body form. Your body can be required to provide the resistance and the TRX serves with the leverage with certain principles which are the best mode of training. Following the specific protocols of TRX workout, will develop your body the way to have always wished.

Full Body TRX Workout for Beginners

TRX workout is the method that can be used in low impact way, without being much strenuous. The method is very helpful in safeguarding the multiple tissues as well as joints of your body. However, the beginners of the TRX workout should follow the plan designed for beginners, as they are not used to it.

Although TRX workout plan is not so hard, the workout causes many changes in the body. A strenuous or high impact plan can raise the risk of injuries, hence it is important to understand the principles of TRX workout plans for beginners. Full body TRX workout for beginners should aim at simple exercises to being with and gradually increase. They are required to follow few of the easy exercises through which they can challenge the whole body without causing any harm to the body. Some of the common TRX exercises include

  • TRX Lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Hamstring pull-in
  • Single-arm row
  • Crunch and curl

These are few of the major exercises in full body TRX workout for beginners. A perfect time slot has been set up under which you have to follow each of the move providing one minute rest after each move. These are the easy exercises plan from the TRX workout through which the beginners can easily challenge the whole body without having fatigue. After getting used to these exercises, they can step up easily to a bit harder one without any difficulty.

Full Body TRX Workout for Beginners

Full Body TRX Workout for Beginners – Best Exercises

The TRX workout exercises have been serving billions of people with thousands of benefits. Some of the common exercises for full body TRX workout for beginners include

  • TRX Row- Method for following the TRX row exercises is to hold the handles of the TRX anchor point with neutral grip. Take a forward step and then slightly lean your back. Now you can begin with the exercise. Pull your arms and let your chest meet the handle squeezing both of your shoulders. Repeat it again.
  • TRX Chest Press- Start by facing away from the point of the anchor. Put a step back and create 45 degree angle from your body. Bend down lowering your chest then pull yourself back and stretch your arms and then repeat it again.
  • TRX Bicep Curl- Start this exercise by holding the TRX anchor point and facing towards the anchor point. Now all what you need to do is to bend your elbow and bring your hand holding the anchor point towards your chest. Again pull it back and repeat.
  • TRX Rear delt flys- Hold the anchor point with the arms straight towards your shoulders and face the anchor point. Separate your arms to feel the leverage on your body by squeezing your shoulders.
  • TRX assisted squats- You can begin this by holding the anchor point with a neutral grip. Start up with the squats using TRX Resistance. Push yourself slightly down with bent knees and then start it again by repeating it again.
  • TRX Lunge- Put your left foot between both the TRX handle and face opposite from the anchor point. Begin the step with bending the right foot slightly lower. As soon as you lower your body, stretch back your left foot placed between the points. The focus of the movement is on stability so do not bend yourself more than 90 degree.

All these above mentioned exercises are easy to be worked out and offer great strength and flexibility to a beginner. A 30 minute workout plan with TRX would help you challenge the whole body. This full body TRX workout for beginners can be easily performed, after which variations and intensity can be added. These are some of the simplest exercises to begin with and gain the desired shape.

Benefits of Full Body TRX Workout

TRX workout offers various benefits and hence, is very helpful in maintaining your strength and fitness. The TRX workout plan helps manage the whole body in just few easy simple steps and it also boosts up the strength in the whole body. Some important benefits of full body TRX workout include the following.

  • It is found to be scalable for all types of fitness level and hence, is easy to be used.
  • A 30 minute workout plan is effective for full body development and to improve your overall flexibility.
  • It is portable and can be carried anywhere, with easy to understand instructions.
  • The TRX workout plan offers various advantages which would compel you to follow the training and get the strength and flexibility.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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