Pros and Cons of TRX

TRX is a tool similar to that of a dumbbell or barbell. It is a unique training method that involves use of external loads to perform workouts. There are different pros and cons of TRX. With the help of TRX, you can easily training pulling action very easily anywhere with flexible movement and better stability. At the same time, TRX also limits your training movement of lower body. Therefore it is important to choose the right kind of TRX training equipment according to your requirement.

Choosing the right kind of training equipment can make the training effort more effective. Doing hard workouts require choosing certain specific tools and these external TRX is a company that provides equipment for suspension based training. One of the most prominent equipment sold by the company is mainly suspension straps that you would use for the suspension workouts.

Pros and Cons of TRX

There are several good things about choosing TRX equipment and it is important to know how to use TRX in an integrated way and performing suspension training. You can make use of lot of dynamic core training with longer levers, pulling movements and improving stability. It is a reasonable good habit to use it for improving muscular endurance by using these training techniques for longer duration.

Let us go through some of the pros and cons of TRX to understand better and use the equipment effectively.

Pros of TRX

Here are some most important pros of TRX.

  • One of the most appreciated pros of TRX is the convenience and ease with which it is performed.
  • With the help of TRX, you can perform pulling action very easily with flexible movement plane. Pulling is one of the most difficult to perform mechanism (be it chin up or even using a train for vertical pulling mechanism). But it becomes easy as one of the pros of TRX.
  • It gives high endurance to your muscles as the lower portion of your body is able to perform shelf and squats etc.
  • You can also train the lower portion of the body and you can use the O-rings as well. It can be uncomfortable to use it initially but one can use it with the training of lower body portion
  • It can be used to allow unique closed chain variations with the help of TRX exercises and you can also do presses, fallouts and flutters etc. A choice of variations is one of the other pros of TRX.
  • One of the biggest pros of TRX is that it improves the stability. You can use TRX for providing better stability to your hips and shoulders. It can make the movement slightly more challenging compared to adding load.
  • You can use TRX for conditioning purposes, one of the most popular pros of TRX. You may not stand more of the other traditional cardiovascular exercises.
  • Another good use and best pros of TRX is that you can use it while travelling and while going for work. You can easily use TRX for training outdoors and enjoy it even during your vacation outings.
  • Other pros of TRX include giving an advantage to lose some weight. Suspension training can be a useful form of training to lose some weight along with achieving better flexibility.
  • Suspension based training programs can be integrated with other methods such as running or trying to achieve better training.

Apart from the pros of TRX, other important aspect is that the company provides best support and service and one can use it without breaking down and can be easily be skipped. The price of equipment is quite reasonable compared to other similar products in market.

Cons of TRX

As against the pros, there are few cons of TRX too. Here are some of them.

  • It is also difficult to train to the true strength of TRX since stability demands decrease in force production capability. It is just the nature of the tool but one of the cons of TRX. So you can combine it to use with barbell training and get more complete method of training.
  • Another cons of TRX is that your training usage of lower body gets restricted. You can add certain jumping exercises and single leg exercises but it cannot give you a decent condition effect compared to other exercises. You really need to work a lot to train your legs in the effective manner using TRX.
  • V shape is yet another cons of TRX as it makes the pressing movement lot more uncomfortable and also forms a different feeling angle which can make your movement difficult. Choosing the right kind of equipment is extremely important.
  • In order to make use of TRX for some kind of density and circuit training, you need to do a lot of adjustments to make use of different exercises. You need to stop and change the system for changing the levels of training, which may be time consuming and also loses the tempo. This too is one of the important cons of TRX.
  • It is also quite expensive compared to other methods of suspension training methods so being highly priced is another cons of TRX.

TRX is a great piece of equipment and there are different pros and cons of TRX. You can easily get good training equipment with the help of TRX and start doing your own suspension training exercises today. It is important to note that the training requires choosing a membership so it is important to explore all possible options before finalizing on investing on the external load.

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