6 Best TRX Arm Workouts

TRX is nothing but Total-Body Resistance Exercise. TRX is a training program which utilizes the body weight to build strength, balance, power, joint stability and flexibility. Here we are focusing on TRX arm exercises, which, if practiced regularly can help individuals strengthen their arms and have a fit body. To know more about these TRX arm workouts keep reading the article below.

To do TRX exercises you do not need any gym machines or equipment’s. TRX is an exercise which uses two suspension straps, to be used in a specific manner. This exercise helps in building the muscles which combine both strength and cardio training. This exercise may seem to be very simple and easy but there is lot to know about this workout. TRX workout is ideal for fitness junkies, athletes and weight lifters. TRX workout helps in activating all the muscles and centers on the core thus depending upon the body weight.

6 Best TRX Arm Workouts

6 Best TRX Arm Workouts

When you wish to get your body in shape TRX suspensions can give you the best TRX arm workouts. When you know about TRX arm exercises, you will definitely enjoy the workout.

Here are some of the best TRX arm workouts.

  1. Biceps Curl

    3 sets/12-15 reps: This exercise not only tones your biceps but also your back, shoulders and core. This exercise teaches your arms to work together and also in burning the arm fat. Hold on the suspensions, push your back, keep your elbows straight and curl up to lift your body up. Then bring your fists together towards your head. This is one of the simplest TRX arm workouts.

  2. Triceps Extensions

    3 sets/ 12-15 reps: This helps in toning the backside of the upper arms. Stand on your toes, stretch your arms and hold the suspension straps. Gradually move your body to and fro by extending your arms.

  3. One arm squat-to-press

    3 sets/ 12-15 reps each side: This is one of the best TRX arm workouts that helps in toning the complete body. You need to have dumbbell to do this exercise. Do a squat, hold dumbbells in one arm and the suspension straps in the other. Stand up pull your body up and when you gradually curl up press down with the dumbbells.

  4. Table Top Rows

    3 sets/ 12-15 reps: Bend backwards with the help of the suspension straps. Stay still like you are lying on a bed with your knees bend. Slowly lift your body up with the help of the suspensions. It is best TRX arm workouts which can be practiced for achieving best results.

  5. Push-up/Fly

    3 sets/ 12-20 reps: Stand in a push up position by holding the suspensions. This works well for the chests and shoulders. When you lower your body, stretch one arm towards the side and the other in a push up position. Alternate the arms when you gradually lower your body. The is another effective of the best TRX arm workouts you can try.

  6. “V” Flys

    3 sets/ 12-15 reps: This is similar to bicep curls but your body is facing in the opposite direction. Slowly move your body backwards and then pull back your body into standing position with your arms stretched in a V-Position. 

Benefits of TRX Arm Workouts

TRX workouts are very simple and easy to help you reach your weight loss goal, improve fitness and also to strengthen your muscles.

  • Anyone can start with TRX training; it’s not rocket science that only athletes or body builders must be doing it. All you have to do is change your body positions and spend some time on these workouts. Seek help from experts, if needed. 
  • The intensity of the TRX arm workouts depends on you. You can always choose your level of exercise and work on it regularly to find the perfect results.
  • A TRX workout uses just two suspension straps. You can perform infinite number of exercises by using them.
  • The best TRX arm workouts and other exercises help your entire body get toned. When you use any of the gym machines and equipment’s they target on only specific body parts.
  • With TRX, you are not only toning your muscles and strengthening them but also getting your heart to pump simultaneously. The best TRX arm workouts also act as a good cardio workout.
  • By doing TRX workouts you do more exercise within a short span of time. Thus in a short period of time individuals can expect to achieve large benefits which is otherwise not possible in other forms of workout or exercise.

TRX Training for TRX Arm Workouts

When you join a gym, you can undertake TRX sessions either in a group or individually. If you are not interested to work out in a gym you can buy a TRX kit bag and use them at home under the guidance of a personal trainer. If you are a beginner make sure to work out under the guidance of trainer. Performing TRX workout regularly tones the body. Few may assume that by doing TRX workout one may bulk up, it’s absolutely wrong. You will never bulk up after you start TRX arm workouts.

Initially when you start with TRX training, startup at slower pace and then gradually increase. Every gym offers training in a different way so never be intimidated, you will gradually adapt to your fitness level. The best thing about TRX exercise is that you can do this workout anywhere. You can always carry a TRX bag along with you when you travel for leisure or a business trip.

The best TRX arm workouts can be great even in clinical environment. People who are injured are not allowed to workout in gyms, such people can try TRX workouts. This can also be a perfect way to rehab injuries.

If you wish to get your body in shape then you need not run to a gym every day, you can start using a TRX workout kit at home. Try these best TRX arm workouts and get a toned body. You can do these with a buddy or under the supervision of a trainer.

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