What Does TRX Stand For & What is it Good For?

Have you ever come across a term TRX while reading magazines, newspapers or perhaps in a gym? Do you know what does it stand for? Does it have any association with fitness training? If you haven’t, you will possibly come to know everything about it here in this brief piece of annotation.

What Does TRX Stand For?

What Does TRX Stand For?

If you are wondering what TRX stands for, here is the information. TRX is an acronym for a suspension based exercise system and is known as Total Body Resistance Exercise. The system focuses on developing agility, speed, endurance and body resistance via a, mechanism of suspension exercises. TRX workout mainly focuses on building the strength of core muscles while increasing body stamina. With rising awareness to develop fitness, TRX training system is becoming lately very popular in western countries.

The roots of this fitness training system go way back, when Randy Hetrick the inventor of TRX completed his graduation and originated this system while serving for Navy SEAL’s. He was not only an excellent commando but also a passionate fitness freak who contributed immensely in making TRX a popular mechanism for suspension training. AS TRX stands for total body resistance exercise, it is aimed at developing your overall body muscles and strength.

TRX based exercises are done using a tool which is portable and helps to leverage gravity while performing. It is known as TRX Suspension trainer. The exercises done are a balanced mix of high and low intensive workouts that focus on development of strength, agility and body stability simultaneously.

What is TRX Good For?

These days, people blindly go for fitness programmes and intensive regimes in the hope of developing a rugged muscular body. While their approach can be effective and does help in development of strength, what goes missing is the stability and balance, two very important components for fitness sustenance.

This is where TRX based Suspension exercises come to the forefront! TRX is good for this purpose. The exercises focus on body movement while on the suspension helping to develop resilience. This in turns helps to develop overall fitness, reduces chances of injury and promotes optimised workout results. “It’s a unique relationship where you understand how your body responds to movements while on the leverage and under the action of gravity. It brings in all together a new dimension to your fitness regime” says, Pierce, a trained TRX fitness trainer at the American Gym and Training Centre.

Here are some great benefits to understand what TRX is good for.

TRX can accommodate all kinds of fitness levels including the newbies!

The Suspension trainer is a high performance tool that can actually work for all kinds of fitness levels. While the general approach is to begin small, followed by gradual escalation, it works well even for the newbies who are not very passionate gymmers.

TRX exercises involve a lot of body movement like pulling, pushing, leg movements etc. TRX is good as you are subjected to adapt to multiple planes using different muscle groups making the overall workout functional. The pulse and heart rate also increase while on the exercise.

In case you are totally novice to workouts and are moving towards TRX, trainer supervision is must to have. In totality, it is one of the best ways that involves both body and mind workout which when practiced in right progression will make you feel fitter, stronger and more confident! It will not only impart a leaner, toned and more muscular look but also boost up your morale notch higher.

TRX Works to the Core

Irrespective of the type of exercises you have incorporated, TRX workout will help in core building of strength, stamina and stability while channelizing multiple movements. While the exercises will pose a difficulty in getting accustomed to right hand and feet positioning, they will be all the worth and definitely a good alternative to floor based exercises that seem quite daunting.

Easy Adaptability: TRX Workouts Can Be Done Indoor as Well Outdoors

The magic and beauty of TRX system is that it is completely functional in outdoor as well as indoor setup making it quite flexible. During the intense summer months, try them at park, your home’s backyard or a beach. Make use of the tree branch, swings gales or grass fence while you are outside.

While during the winters, stay indoors within your premises and make use of the door attachment, hooks or hanging bars. Make sure the all of them are fixed properly and do test them for weight before you start with the actual workout. TRX is good for use both indoors and outdoors, what more do you need!

TRX is Scalable with Intensity

As already mentioned, TRX works for all kinds of fitness levels; as there is a room for newbies, pro-fitness people can enjoy it the most. The exercises can be increased or decreased in intensity catering to the needs and ability of the individual. For example: If balance is what you are focussing on, you can always begin with support based workouts and as the time progresses, practice the same without the support while balancing only on one leg.

Few Tips When Using TRX

Now that you know what TRX stands for and what it is god for, you may want to use it. Here are a few tips that you should follow when using TRX.

Don’t be scared of the setup

Though, there have been significant changes both in the structure and functionality of TRX suspension trainer, yet having initial apprehensions can be natural. While you will be dangling along, you might feel like a Spiderman on the move!

The new TRX Suspension model is quite portable, light in weight and is easier to manage. It can be hanged right from a room’s top, wall mount or a separate hanging frame. Moreover, there are straps which can be adjusted via buckles in case of discomfort while practicing the workout.

Brush up the Basics!

The key to effective TRX results are in brushing up with the basics! You will have to let your body get accustomed to harder exercises while being in the routine. The toughest part that you can face would be fighting with gravity while being on the move. The way you reinforce your strength and body movements, will eventually help you generate power and endurance.

Hence, a little self-motivation, determination and passion for your fitness would not only make TRX experience fruitful but also end up making you stronger, livelier and happier like never before! TRX is good for whole body workout, balance and even to pump your heart rate. So, if you are ready just go for it.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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