Do Avocados Give You Gas?|Coping with the Gas Caused by Avocado Intake

Avocados are good sources of nutrients that offer everything that the human body requires. However, many people wonder about the fat content present in it as there are several who complained about developing gas after consumption of avocados.

Whether removing avocados from your diet program is beneficial or sticking to them will improve your health? We will find about it in the following sections of the article.

What are the Benefits of Avocados?

Avocado is a fruit and not a vegetable. Many people consider it as a vegetable due to its appearance. It comprises of brown layer, and inner green layer, and seed. In fact, avocado is a fleshy fruit falling under the berry category.

In comparison to other fruits, avocados ripen quickly when they are together with apple or bananas. The reason is ethylene gas released by both the fruits. Due to this, the unripe avocados ripen quickly. Speaking in terms of nutrients, it has a high calorific value of 325. Of the total calorie, 84 percent belongs to healthy fat. It does have monosaturated fat, which is beneficial in lowering high cholesterol levels and inflammation.

Do Avocados Give You Gas?

Do Avocados Give You Gas?

As we have seen that avocados are rich sources of nutrients offering benefits for a human being, a few people tend to experience unpleasant hurdles such as bloating or development of gas after eating avocados. The reason is due to avocado intolerance.

Avocado intolerance or gas due to avocados is the state where the human body reacts negatively to the fruit or the byproducts containing avocado. The reactions produced will not appear immediately. You can expect them to appear even after a day of the consumption. Stating that, it changes from one individual to another along with the symptoms. It is because each body is different and unique.

Gas due to avocados or avocado intolerance occurs as immune avocado intolerance and digestive avocado intolerance. In the case of the first intolerance, the person will suffer an immune reaction after consuming an avocado. The reaction varies from one body to another. Those with digestive avocado intolerance, suffer from bloating, diarrhea, gas, and abdominal pain after consuming an avocado. Besides, there are situations where certain people experience the negative impacts only after eating large quantities of the fruit.

Coping With the Gas Caused by Avocado Intake

The only solution available for people who are suffering from gas due to avocados or avocado intolerance is avoiding the fruit and other byproducts of the fruit.

Nonetheless, there are people that still eat avocados irrespective of the intolerance by making changes to their food habits and lifestyle. If you are intolerant towards avocado and still wish to add it to your diet, then it is preferable to consult the doctor.

Other strategies include preparation of avocados in different methods that will help in reducing the gas. For example, you can decrease the quantity of consumption rather than eating the entire fruit. In another case, you can chop an avocado and add it to the bean soup. When you go through the recipes or consult your dietician, you will come up with several such ways through which you can intake avocado and yet prevent the development of gas.

Avocados are an excellent source of nutrients, vitamins, and healthy fat. Avoiding them completely is unreasonable if you think you are experiencing the development of gas after consuming avocado. A better way of approach is by reducing the quantity or finding different ways through which you can consume it. Consulting the doctor/ dietician is helpful in this regard, as they will assess the situation and prepare the chart according to the needs. Make sure to follow the diet plan and add a few activities of exercises to improve overall health.

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