Do Bananas Cause Gas?

Bananas, rich in nutrients, vitamin B6, vitamins C, potassium, fiber, and manganese are the fourth largest crop on earth. Although they offer plenty of nutrients required for the body, in some cases, they are also the cause of the occurrence of gas or bloating. The case is high especially when a person eats a banana in large amounts or when they are ripe.

Do Bananas Cause Gas?

Although there is no scientific connection between bananas and gas, they do cause gas in certain instances. The fruit is rich in both fructose and fiber. Both the elements of the fruit have the ability to produce gas. Usually, the breakdown of the food happens in the stomach. However, if you consume bananas more than you ever had before, then the breakdown occurs in the large intestine creating gas. And, in particular people, breaking down the fructose is difficult, which leads to the development of gas or bloating.

Do Bananas Cause Gas?

According to a journal published in 2005, about 48 percent of the total population considers bananas as a good source for improving constipation. The reason is that of the fiber content present, which provides 10 percent of the daily value required for the body. Alternatively, there are also cases where people found it quite the opposite.

The potassium rich fruit banana usually is not the underlying agent for producing gas. As said above, the nutrients present in it are helpful in improving the digestion system. However, if you are suffering from bloating or gas after consumption of a banana, then it indicates that you are experiencing issues with digestive system or allergic to a particular food.

Speaking of food allergy, shellfish and nuts are the conventional food products that come into mind. Technically, any food can be allergic and varies its occurrence from one to another. If you are suspecting allergy due to banana, you will experience symptoms such as rash and itchiness around the mouth. You will also feel cramps and gas. If you are already prone to ragweed allergies, then you are a highly positive to possess banana allergy.

How to Overcome the Situation of Banana Allergy?

A simple and the best way is to avoid eating bananas. After having said that, you need not completely remove bananas from your diet chart. You can eat bananas twice in a week or once in a week depending on how it reacts or how you experience after consumption. If you are suspecting allergy towards banana, carrying out blood test will be helpful in understanding the condition.

If the allergy is not the underlying reason behind the cause of gas due to bananas, then it is time for you to explore other causes such as gastro esophageal reflux disease. If you have a history of GERD, then you will be experiencing bloating or gas after consumption of bananas due to improper functioning of the digestive system. Additional reasons behind the cause of gas could be because of your lifestyle and eating habits. If you are overweight, consumption of bananas leads to gas production immediately. Bananas are puzzling as they contain enzymes and nutrients that promote the healthy digestive system and also fiber and starch that can alleviate the gas/ bloating issue.

If you are also suffering from fructose intolerant, then bananas do cause gas. Even though the content present is less (about 5%), a few people eating bananas find it hard to break it down in the gut. The condition is hereditary and diagnosed at birth.

As there are both positive and negative sides to consuming bananas, adding it to the diet depends on the reaction it causes after consumption.

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