9 Side Effects Of Hair Smoothening

All love shiny smooth and frizz-free hair, which are easy to maintain. To achieve glossy tresses various treatments such as smoothening, re-bonding, and straightening irons are used.

Hair smoothening is a chemical treatment done on hair which is also termed as a Brazilian treatment, keratin treatment or cysteine treatment. This treatment works by breaking the bonds in the hair and gluing them back together in a sleek pattern. The hair is dipped in formaldehyde solution which is followed by drying and straightening hair with an iron.

The chemical used for smoothening treatment is not as harsh as those used for the straightening procedures which make it less damaging. The effect of treatment lasts for 2-5 months.

9 Side Effects Of Hair Smoothening

9 Side Effects Of Hair Smoothening

Hair Fall

Hair fall is a common side effect of hair smoothening procedure. The use of chemical and heat weakens the hair follicles and detach at the root. This causes hair to fall.

The hair strand also tends to lose its natural strength and become brittle.

Skin Rashes

The chemical used to treat hair are not supposed to touch the scalp. In case of an accidental contact on the scalp, face or neck can lead to rash in some people. The formaldehyde used in the procedure can make the epidermis coarse, itchy, and red.

Damages Natural Hair Texture

In the hair smoothening procedure the amino acid and disulfide bond of the hair are broken and rebounded to form a new structure.

This leads to damage to the natural hair texture.

Dryness of Hair

Hair smoothening procedure does make the hair manageable for a few months after the treatment is done. But the hair may start getting dry after a few washes. The chemical used to alter the structure of hair damages them from root to tip.

Another reason for hair dryness is seeping of chemical in the scalp making it flaky and hair brittle. This is why oiling is essential to avoid dryness.

Split Ends

Split ends occur due to the exposure of hair to high heat during the treatment. The chemical used can dry out the hair leading to split ends.

The split ends not only damage hair but also weaken the hair follicle.


Dandruff is the worst hair problem and a side effect which takes away the goodness of scalp and wreaks havoc. It can also be a trigger to various other scalp problems including scalp inflammation.

The chemical used for smoothening accumulate in the scalp and produce dandruff flakes. This can cause itching and greasiness.


Excessive use of hair lotions and serums after smoothening can cause greasiness. This makes the hair look oily and flattened every other day.

Constant greasiness can lead to dandruff and hair fall problem.

Hair Thinning

Frequently exposing hair to chemical and heat can affect the density of hair due to hair fall, split end and discoloration.

The hair becomes thin and breaks easily.

Premature Hair Greying

Hair discoloration is a condition which develops gradually. It is because of strong chemical used during the procedure and using shampoos with strong chemical used post smoothening.

Hair smoothening requires a lot of commitment and effort to make the tresses look flawless.

Always remember healthy hair is a sign of perfect health. Keep a balance between natural and artificial treatments. Hair enhances health, keep them healthy and stay beautiful.

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