Tips To Strengthen Hair Follicles

It is fair to say that we all are attached to our hair and try to take utmost care of the way they look. We groom our hair, style it, keep it clean and comb it regularly as it is an integral part of our physical identity and self-confidence. This calls for good hair care solutions with a healthy diet and good lifestyle habits. This article deals with some effective tips to strengthen hair follicles and keep your hair healthy.

Tips To Strengthen Hair Follicles

Tips To Strengthen Hair Follicles

Our hair protect the scalp and add to our persona. While our hair also reflect our internal health, most of us pay attention to the outward beauty and put much care into it for purely cosmetic purposes. However; we often fall short and develop weak hair follicles that ultimately results in dull life lifeless hair, hair that is prone to breakage, a thinning hairline and even slower hair growth. It is therefore important to know about the healthy ways to strengthen hair follicles that can prevent hair fall and hair damage. Let us look at some of the most effective tips to strengthen hair follicles.

Hairs are definitely not random tiny growths sprouting out of the surface of your scalp, every hair on your head has a uniform structure and at the base of each hair is a root and surrounding this root is a collective of cells and connective tissue known as hair follicles. Hair follicles not only act as an anchor that connect each strand of hair to the scalp but in fact; the hair bulb which is at the base of the follicles; is the production unit for living cells to divide, grow and add volume to the hair shaft. Understanding the nature of hair follicles and their functions adds to the awareness and helps in implementing the tips to strengthen hair follicles.

Here are some important tips for stronger hair follicles

To be concise; a healthy diet, proper hair care and healthy lifestyle habits can serve to strengthen hair follicles, however this article aims to provide actual suggestions and tips to strengthen hair follicles. Some effective tips and suggestions are as listed below.

Diet Tips to Strengthen Hair Follicles

What goes into your diet largely determines hair follicle strength and appropriate diet will eventually lead to healthy hair follicles. One of the most important tips to strengthen hair follicles is to focus on your diet, particularly proteins. A well planned diet can surely help in better hair growth, strong and lustrous hair and a notable decrease in hair loss and breakage.

Proteins are an intrinsic part of a healthy hair diet; proteins in eggs and meat actually serve as building blocks for the cells and tissue that make up hair follicles. Iron transports oxygen and nutrients to the roots and follicles of the hair and spinach along with other leafy greens are great sources of dietary iron. Additionally one can also benefit from vitamin A, which is found in carrots, vitamin C which is found in citrus fruits, Omega-3 fatty acids; found in plenty in nuts and seeds and the biotin in whole grains for stronger hair follicles.

Hair Care Suggestions Tips to Strengthen Hair Follicles

Appropriate hair care solutions help to strengthen hair follicles. Hair care refers to grooming, styling and cleaning of hair on a regular basis. Some of the hair care tips listed below can definitely result in stronger hair follicles.

  • Opt for a shampoo and conditioner that do not rob your scalp of its natural oils.
  • Discontinue use of products that cause further harm to weakened hair follicles
  • Limit chemical use in the form of dyes and bleaches
  • Avoid hairstyles like tight braids and high pony tails that put added stress on the roots and hair follicles
  • Avoid using curling irons, hair straightening irons and blow dryers as far as possible

Tips on Lifestyle Habits to Strengthen Hair Follicles

Smoking, stress and lack of sleep can all lead to poor skin and hair. Healthy lifestyle habits along with proper diet and better hair care can lead to stronger hair follicles. One of the most important tips to strengthen hair follicles is to quit smoking, sleep well and practice stress management techniques to promote better health.

In conclusion; it must be noted that going by the nature and function of hair follicles; it is easy to see that weak hair follicles lead to greater hair loss and balding; which is a risk none of us wishes to take. A combination of hair follicle nourishing nutrients, vitamins and protein in your diet with hair care and grooming can help strengthen hair follicles. These simple tips to strengthen hair follicles can surely help.

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