What Stimulates Hair Growth Naturally?

Most of us take pride in our hair as they add to our physical aesthetics. As such; both men and women are distressed by hair fall, thinning hair and the slowing down or absence of hair growth. Many are hence in the search of natural ways to promote hair growth. Wondering what stimulates hair growth naturally? This article throws light on the same.

What Stimulates Hair Growth Naturally?

What Stimulates Hair Growth Naturally?

Various factors can impact hair growth; aging, alopecia, dandruff and excess product use are just a few. However, various measures can also be taken to stimulate and accelerate hair growth. This article aims to emphasize on suggestions, tips and hair care measures that provide solutions to the question; “what stimulates hair growth naturally?” Read further to know more.

Stimulating hair growth naturally involves a combination of hair care and nourishment measures, dietary measures and positive lifestyle changes.

Diet to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally

When considering what stimulates hair growth naturally, dietary measures plan important role. There are a wide range of foods that one can choose from with essential vitamins and nutrients for stimulating hair growth. Bearing in mind that proteins (keratins in particular) serve as building blocks for hair; a protein rich diet can definitely stimulate hair growth. Adding more lean meats, lentils and nuts to one’s regular diet can definitely serve to accelerate new hair growth. Likewise; vitamin A (found in spinach and other leafy greens), vitamin C (abundant in citrus fruits), iron from lean red meat and Omega-3 fatty acids which are abundant in various vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods can serve to promote hair growth with an emphasis on strong and healthy hair.

Oily diets may not be as conducive to hair growth as a low calorie diet. Eggs, coconut oil, olive oil and bananas are rich sources of vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth while salty foods, processed foods, baked goods, foods with high sugar content and even alcohol might have an adverse impact on hair growth. So, watch your diet and include the right nutrients to stimulate hair growth naturally.

Hair Care to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally

The other most important way to stimulate hair growth naturally is to apply safe and health hair care measures. Your hair care regimen should also emphasize on natural and holistic measures that are conducive to hair growth. Harsh styling products, bleaches, dyes, curling irons, straightening irons and even excessive shampooing can arrest hair growth while instigating hair fall.

Opt instead for natural treatments like coconut oil massages, olive oil massages and castor oil application to arrest hair loss and stimulate the growth of strong lustrous hair. Also benefit from using a shampoo and a conditioner that is made specifically for your hair type. Your hair care regimen should also include a weekly scalp massage to stimulate hair growth. Use oils or combinations of oils such as

Take care not to expose your scalp to hot water during baths to avoid damage to hair roots and follicles. Additionally; avoid prolonged use of hats, caps and helmets that also damage hair roots and can cause traction alopecia. Dandruff might also adversely impact hair growth which is why one should proactively deal with dandruff and dry scalp. Seek medical opinion and take appropriate medications, if needed.

Lifestyle Changes to Stimulate Hair Growth

Making a few positive and holistic changes to your lifestyle can greatly stimulate hair growth naturally. Healthy living results in overall healthier skin and hair and these changes can be noticed once you take care to,

  • Avoid stress as much as possible and relax with exercise and yoga
  • Quit smoking and excess alcohol consumption
  • Get adequate sleep on a daily basis
  • Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water; all year round

These simple changes can do a world of good when your agenda is to stimulate hair growth naturally and have a thick mane of healthy and lustrous hair. These measures can surely stimulate hair growth naturally when you keep them in mind while planning your diet, carrying out your hair care routine or simply keeping your health and wellbeing in mind. Healthy lifestyle practices are just as important as your hair care routine and dietary habits for healthy hair and skin.

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