Can Boys Get Gonorrhea?

Can Boys Get Gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea falls under the sexually transmitted disease. A boy is likely to acquire it from having with a person having gonorrhea. The illness causes severe pain and other signs in the genital tract. However, it also creates additional problems in the eyes, throat, joints, and rectum. Gonorrhea occurs in both men and women. Nonetheless, men have high chances of it when compared with women.

Can Boys Get Gonorrhea?

What are the Causes?

The causes of gonorrhea in men or boys are due to the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria. Although the occurrence is due to participation in sexual activity, a man does not have to ejaculate to pass to their partner or partners. You can acquire the disease by the following sexual contacts:

  • Vaginal intercourse
  • Anal intercourse
  • Oral intercourse

Like other germs, you can get the bacteria from your partner when you touch the infected area with your hand and use the same during the sexual activity. You can also get the disease when you make contact with the vagina, penis, anus, or mouth of the infected person. It is not possible for people to acquire through other means, such as clothes or toilet seats, because the bacteria cannot survive for a longer period when they are out of the human system. However, it is possible for a woman to pass it to a baby during vaginal delivery. It is not possible for a baby born through C-section to acquire the disease.

Preventing Gonorrhea

The only procedure not to acquire the bacteria that causes gonorrhea is by not participating in sex. Furthermore, the risk of getting the disease reduces when you have a long-term relationship with a partner. However, even during this period, you have to ensure that you are faithful to your partner and not having sex outside the relationship. Practicing safe sex, using a condom, is helpful in preventing the occurrence of the disease. Also, heading for regular screenings will be useful in understanding the presence of the bacteria and other sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

The risk of obtaining gonorrhea is high if:

  • You are young
  • You are having sex with multiple partners
  • You are having sex with those who are already infected
  • The person involved in the sex had previous episode of gonorrhea
  • The person engaged in the act has or had other sexually transmitted diseases


Preventing the spread of the bacteria is possible with the use of condoms. A condom also provides excellent protection against other sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Screening is the best way to know whether you or your partner has gonorrhea. Testing will be helpful to prevent the spread of the bacteria from one to another. You have to deal the situation carefully, as it is a sensitive issue.

You can also prevent gonorrhea by not participating in sex with a person who shows the signs of the disease. Symptoms include complaining of burning sensation while urinating and soreness in the genital region. It is preferable to take a break from the sexual life and head for testing to check for the symptoms. Doctors prefer yearly screening if:

  • A man has sex with a man
  • The sexual partner is a woman under 25 years age
  • The partner, who is a woman, has multiple partners

If you are a woman and pregnant, then it is essential to talk to a doctor to ensure that there are no complications during delivery. The presence of the bacteria poses a risk to the baby’s health. Therefore, it is essential to treat the same as soon as possible to lower the risk factor.

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