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Can You Get MRSA From Being Around Someone Who Has It?

MRSA is a specific type of bacterium, which resists the adverse effects of various common antibiotic medicines. Considering this fact, MRSA infections are relatively more difficult to cure in patients.

Can You Get MRSA From Being Around Someone Who Has It?

Can You Get MRSA From Being Around Someone Who Has It?

If you have MRSA infection in active form on the skin, it is of contagious type. This means, even though you no longer experience MRSA problem or it goes away after your treatment, you still have the respective bacterium on your skin and inside of your nose. This means, you now becomes an active carrier of MRSA and spread the disease easily to other people.

In other words, if you possess MRSA infection on the skin in active form, it is of contagious type. Because of this, if any other individual touches anything associated with your infection, like your towel, the respective person may become an MRSA patient. Hence, if you become an MRSA carrier, you have the respective bacteria on the skin.

Now, if you do not wash the hands properly, you will transfer MRSA staph to other people from the things, you touch or use by your hands.

Even you may transfer MRSA staph from the liquid you emit from your mouth or nose while you cough and sneeze. You have to keep in mind that if you are a patient of MRSA, you may easily spread the problem to your friends, family members, relatives and other people remain close to you. Even in some cases, MRSA infection is transferable to your pet animals. Only way to avoid the spreading of infection is to wash the hands regularly and prevent other people to contact with the infections.

Modes Responsible To Spread MRSA

Based on aforementioned aspects related to the transfer of MRSA infection from an individual to another one, we should say that MRSA spreads through two different modes i.e.

Contact Of Skins. MRSA transmits among people via skin-to-skin contact. Even though MRSA type of skin infections may take place in almost every type of sports’ participant, it mainly takes place in players associated with rugby, wrestling, boxing, football and other related contact sports.

Touching Of Any Contaminated Object. Other than skin contact, MRSA spreads from various contaminated objects, like weight training equipment, towel and a shared ointment jar.

Key Steps To Prevent MRSA Infections

With the aim to prevent infections related to MRSA staphs, you should take the following necessary preventative steps-

Wash The Hands. You should use water and soap or any sanitizer solution based on alcohol. You should make sure cleaning your hands both before and after you play any sport, share any weight training equipment and change the bandage of your wound.

Take Shower Immediately After The Exercise. You should make sure to take shower immediately after you complete your physical exercise. During this time, you should strictly avoid sharing any of your items, which touch the bare skin, like towels, razors or bar soap.

Use The Essential Barriers. You should make sure covering your scrapes and cuts by using a bandage to prevent the entry of germs. In addition, you should use a towel as a barrier between the benches in any steam room, sauna or locker room and your skin.

Wash The Uniform Properly. You should make sure following the essential laundering directions mentioned on the label of your uniform. You should dry your clothes completely by using a dryer, while wash the uniform after every usage.


Yes, one can easily get MRSA infection from another individual surrounding him or her. However, if the infected people take the aforementioned preventative measures, they can avoid spreading MRSA infection largely.


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