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What Does It Mean If You Test Positive For MRSA?

MRSA is the acronym for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and it is a type of bacterium causing infections in the skin and other different parts of a human body.

What Does It Mean If You Test Positive For MRSA?

What Does It Mean If You Test Positive For MRSA?

In case your MRSA test result is positive, it indicates that you became colonized with the problem of MRSA. This indicates that your nose becomes swab because of the presence of MRSA virus. In most of the cases, colonized with MRSA does not cause any illness in you and hence, you do not require any treatment. However, if you have infection, your doctor will recommend for treatments, which include antibiotics intake and draining of sores.

Actions Required When The MRSA Test Is Positive

In case your test result shows MRSA positive, you can continue with your daily life without any hesitation. However, you have to follow a few important guidelines to avoid MRSA to cause further problems/complications. Accordingly-

Actions In The Medical Center/Hospital

You should make sure reminding your doctors, caregivers, nurses and other similar types of professionals to clean the hands before they should touch you or any of your items present in the room.

You should ask your visitors cleaning their hands while they enter or leave your room.

Actions At Home

  • You should clean the hands frequently, especially before you should prepare your food or have it.
  • You should also clean hands after you use the bathroom as well as before and after changing your bandage or dressing.
  • Along with you, other people living with you should essentially clean their hands.
  • You should make sure to stay aware with various ways to care any of your wounds and IV i.e. intravenous lines, like a port or catheter if you require them.
  • You should keep the wounds in clean condition and change your bandage in accordance to the instructions given by your doctor until your wounds heal properly.
  • You should clean the room surfaces, which you often touch, like remote controls, faucets, doorknobs, telephones, keyboards, couch arms, chairs and kitchen areas/surfaces.

Actions Required When You Suffer From MRSA Infection

If you are suffering from MRSA infection, it is essential for you to undergo routine cleaning of the hands, so that you can easily avoid the spreading your infection to any other part of your body. If doctors prescribe you certain antibiotics, you should make sure completing your medication course properly even when you observe improvement in your symptoms. On the other side, if you do not notice any improvement in your symptom even in several days, you should consult your doctor immediately.

MRSA Bacterium

The main problem associated with MRSA type of bacterium is that penicillin or any other similar type of antibiotic is unable to kill the respective bacterium (drugs used frequently to treat bacterial or staph infections). As the MRSA bacterium is highly resistant to most of the antibiotics available in the market, it becomes difficult to treat.

A large number of individuals have staph on their nose or skin areas, but the presence of staph does not cause any problem. Even many people carry the bacterium of MRSA without falling sick. However, in some of the cases, infection becomes severe and may appear as anything from the following-

  • Sores with feel and look similar to spider bites
  • Painful and red bumps beneath the skin
  • Blisters filled with red skin or fluid with a crust of honey color on the patient’s face
  • Presence of warm and red colored firm skin, which becomes large and cause pain

The main problem is that infections caused due to MRSA appear similar to infections caused due to any ordinary type of staphs. Because of this, you have to undergo MRSA test to take the necessary actions and precautions in advance to avoid further complications.


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