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Lifestyle Changes For Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma or simply neuroma is a non-cancerous and benign growth of various nerve tissues, which develop in one’s foot often between his/her third toe and fourth toe. It is one of the painful conditions. Doctors often call it by different names i.e. Morton’s neuralgia, Morton’s disease, Morton’s metatarsalgia, Morton nerve entrapment and many more. The problem takes place because of swelling in the foot’s ball often between the bases of different toes.

Lifestyle Changes For Neuroma

Lifestyle Changes For Neuroma

With the aim to manage your pain, tingling, numbness or any other similar type of symptoms related to Neuroma, it is essential for you to follow a few important lifestyle changes and self-measures to deal with the problem. These include the following-

Rest The Feet and Reduce Pressure. Resting your feet for a while may help you in dealing with chronic pain. In addition, you should take a few other necessary measures to reduce applying pressure on the affected area for reducing the extent or level of your pain.

Foot Massage. Foot massage is a good lifestyle change. You should make sure to apply foot massage, especially across the affected toes

Ice Pack. Apply ice pack and wrap it in a neat cloth on your affected area

Arch Supports/Padding Options. Use of the arch supports is a good lifestyle change for neuroma. Use suitable arch supports, i.e. specific types of padding capable to support your foot arch and remove pressure from the affected nerve. Positively, you may find varieties of orthotic devices and arch supports, along with metatarsal bars or pads on over the counter basis to place on your neuroma.

Shoes With Broad Toes Are Preferable. Make a habit to wear shoes with broad toes. This step is essential to allow your toes spreading out easily and reduce the level of friction.

Over-the-Counter Type Of Painkillers. To get relief, you may opt to intake a few of the over-the-counter type of painkiller medications.

Modify Your Physical Activities. We know that neuroma causes pain while walking or doing any physical activity. Because of this, you should opt to modify some of your activities, such as take a break or avoid specific activities, which put repetitive or excessive pressure on the neuroma until and unless you find any improvement in your condition.

Manage Your Bodyweight. Symptoms related to neuroma often improve in overweight people. Because of this, you should regularly check your bodyweight with your doctor and take the essential steps to overcome your obesity problem.

Strength Exercises For Foot Muscles. Lastly, you should discuss few of the strength exercises with your podiatrist and any fitness expert to benefit your foot muscles. You should keep in mind strength exercises help a lot to bring improvement in your condition and is a good lifestyle change.

Prime Facts To Explain Morton’s Neuroma

The problem of Morton’s neuroma involves growth in the nerve tissue, but it is of non-cancerous type.

  • Morton’s neuroma causes pain in the foot’s ball area
  • Pain is the prime symptom associated with the problem. However, depending on individual condition, one may experience other issues. These are tingling, burning sensation and numbness and so on.
  • As compared to men, women are at higher risk of Morton neuroma.
  • Until now, none of the doctors has able to identify the exact reason behind Morton’s neuroma problem. However, experts have predicted that the problem becomes severe by wearing high heels and participating in specific types of sports.
  • Podiatric surgery is the most effective solution to overcome the problem of neuroma. However, doctors recommend for it only when patients fail to get relief from home remedies, physical exercises and other treatment options available.


To conclude, one can overcome common symptoms associated with neuroma or Morton’s neuroma by following the mentioned lifestyle changes. However, if you fail to get relief from your problems, you have to undergo with medications and other treatment options based on the recommendations given by your podiatric surgeon.


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