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Do Neuromas Grow Back?

Neuroma i.e. nerve tumor or pinched nerve is one of the painful conditions for individuals. According to doctors, neuroma implies a benign growth of various nerve tissues in a frequent way and in the area between one’s third toe and fourth toe. The problem starts with a burning sensation, pain, numbness or tingling between the affected toes and within the ball of one’s foot.

Do Neuromas Grow Back?

Do Neuromas Grow Back?

Relapse Of Neuroma After Surgery

Nerves of humans often do not regenerate, because of which injuries in spinal cord often result in permanent paralysis. Considering this fact, a specific part of a nerve removed during the Morton’s neuroma surgery fails to heal completely or it may regenerate in some cases. Because of this, surgery performed for the removal of Morton’s neuroma results in numbness in toes.

Moreover, doctors may cut the neuroma forming at the end part of your nerve during the surgical process. Even though the complication does not take place frequently, doctors call it as stump neuroma and it returns with neuroma-like pain. Positively, you may control the pain by adopting few of the conservative methods, like cortisone injections. However, in some cases, you have to undergo with second foot surgery to correct your stump neuroma problem.

Relapse And Prevention Technique Relations

With the aim to reduce your chance to relapse or coming back of your Morton’s neuroma problem, you should make sure following simple and easy prevention techniques, as mentioned by podiatric surgeons.

  • You should always make sure that your exercise shoes or walking shoes have adequate room at its front portion, so that they avoid excessive compression of your toes.
  • Next, you should always inculcate a habit of wearing shoes equipped with enough padding in its feet’s ball.
  • Excluding the mentioned steps, you should strictly avoid spending prolonged period in shoes, which contain excessive height of heel or narrow toe box.

Extent Of Pain In Neuroma

Feeling of pain between the affected toes while doing physical activity, such as walking or jogging is a major symptom associated with the problem. Individuals suffering from neuroma condition have found relief by removing their shoes or stop with walking and rubbing the area across the toes. At some of the instances, patients describe the pain associated with neuroma has having stone in their shoes. Women are relatively more prone to suffer from neuroma as compared to men.

Symptoms Of Neuroma

An individual suffering from neuroma has the following major symptoms, which include-

  • Pain in his/her forefoot area and in between the toes (usually between third toe and fourth toe of anyone or both feet)
  • Numbness and tingling in the foot ball beneath the affected toes
  • Swelling in between the affected toes
  • Feeling of pain within the foot ball while you place weight over it

Surgery To Cure Neuroma

If the problem of neuroma becomes uncontrollable with medications and home remedies, doctors recommend for podiatric surgery. According to the surgical procedure, doctors remove the enlarged and inflamed nerve, while conduct the surgery on outpatient basis. Because of this, patients have few weeks as the recovery time. However, before you should undergo with the procedure, your doctor will describe everything in detail and your expected results. In case you feel any pain after surgery, doctors will prescribe certain medications to manage them easily. If we talk about the scenario of podiatric surgery, we should say that neuroma in majority of cases cures properly after your surgery. However, in rare cases, it may relapse even after surgery, because of which you have to stay aware with key aspects related to neuroma relapse.


Relapse of neuroma and other complications from your neuroma surgery may take place in rare conditions only. Moreover, if complications take place occasionally, they are manageable. Hence, overall, the relief you obtain from Morton’s neuroma surgery and related treatment is complete and swift in nature.


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