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What Causes The Hip To Lock Up?

The hips are one of the most vital parts of the body. It is perhaps the largest weightbearing joint surface. A healthy hip allows an individual to move around freely without any problems, sitting for extended period of time, and run without any hassles. Professional athletes and dancers can go about their jobs without any problems if they have a healthy hip.

However, if the hip joint is not functioning the way it is supposed to then it may create problems by restricting the movement around the joint. This may cause instability of the hip joint resulting in them locking up, especially after walking for long distances or sitting for an extended period of time. Athletes and dancers are most at risk of the hip locking up as a result of overuse of the hip. The individuals feel as if something has locked up inside the hip joint causing pain with any movement. At times, the pain may be disabling requiring the need for complete rest. This article showcases some of the potential causes for the hip to lock up.

What Causes The Hip To Lock Up?

What Causes The Hip To Lock Up?

Injury to the Hip flexor Muscles is the primary cause for the hip locking up.1 It also causes loss of range of motion of the hip. Repetitive use is the primary cause for the hip flexor muscles to get irritated, inflamed, or injured causing the hip to lock up. Sportsmen who play competitive soccer or hockey may land on their hip awkwardly causing damage to the hip flexor muscles resulting in locking of the hip.

Hip Snapping Syndrome is the second most common cause of the hips locking up. This is a condition in which the affected individual hears a snapping sound whenever he or she tries to stand from a sitting position, run, or jog.2 This is caused by inflammation of the tendons and tissues around the hip joint which rub against the bones of the joint causing the snapping sound.

Additionally, labral tears and sacroiliac joint dysfunction can also lead to damage to the hip flexor muscles resulting in the hip locking up.

An individual complaining of the hips locking up can have a variety of treatment options ranging from physical therapy to strengthen the hip flexor muscles, to complete rest and allowing the inflammation to calm down.

Using ice in the affected area for 15-20 minutes two to three times a day is also useful in calming down the inflammation and allows the muscles to heal and eventually treat the problem of the hips locking up.

Refraining from any sporting activity that may have been the cause of the condition also prevents any further damage to the hip flexor muscles and allows the muscle to heal ultimately treating locking of the hips.


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