Knee braces are supports that are meant to be worn when you have knee pain.1 Sometimes these can also be used to prevent knee injuries during sports and exercise. These knee braces come in several sizes, colors and designs. Read below to know if knee braces work and also know how long should you wear a knee brace.


Do Knee Braces Work & How Long Should You Wear A Knee Brace?


Do Knee Braces Work?

There are several types of knee braces and these braces support the ligaments of the knee, by regulating the movement of the joint and guarding against unusual movements during the time or recovery from injury.2 Knee braces can facilitate the recovery in several ways, such as by using the warmth and compression offered by the brace to reduce the pain and inflammation. Knee braces also help in correcting improper and damaging movements or protecting and supporting the knee against extra force or twisting out of position.

There are mainly two types of knee brace available, a soft and a rigid support. The soft knee brace is made from compressive material like neoprene; while a rigid knee brace is made from a solid frame that protects against impact damage.


Though some doctors recommend wearing a knee brace for knee pain, others do not think it is a good idea. However, for those who believe that knee brace could actually be beneficial, they must try using one and experience the result themselves.

How Long Should You Wear A Knee Brace?

You must be wondering, how long should you wear a knee brace. Well, first thing to know is that wearing a knee brace for a week won’t offer you full recovery and it is true that most of the knee braces are required to be used for several days. This actually helps the patients to avoid getting frustrated, if they do not get quick results from using the knee brace.

There are several factors that must be considered while using knee braces. The most important factor is the amount of activity on the knee ligaments, in combination with the muscles that are designed to actively absorb that activity. In case the injury and use of the brace is mainly due to sports, then it depends on the sports the user is playing.

So, it can be concluded that there is no clear-cut answer as, to how long a knee brace is to be worn. However, it is crucial to let the patient know to take notes of any concerns or improvements and let them consult about it with their sports physicians.


If you are someone who is willing to wear a knee brace to prevent knee injuries or as a support while healing from injury or surgery, you must definitely talk to your sports physician about the best knee brace and also the duration for which you need to use it.


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