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While there are many treatments for herniated disc, both conservative as well as surgical, chiropractic treatment is a form of non-invasive treatment that many people have started to opt for of late. So, are chiropractors good for herniated disc? Before we get to that, let us know about a herniated disc.

A disc herniation occurs whenever there is a problem with the intervertebral discs located between each of the vertebra of the spinal column. These discs are a cushion for the vertebrae and act as a shock absorber when an individual performs daily activities like bending, lifting, and running. The intervertebral discs also protect the vertebrae from rubbing against each other. Herniated disc can be caused due to disc degeneration, injury to the spinal cord, or an annular tear. In herniated disc, the disc material oozes out of the discs and impinges upon the adjoining nerve roots causing a variety of symptoms like pain, numbness, tingling, bowel and bladder dysfunction, and ambulation difficulties. A herniated disc also makes it difficult for an individual to carry out activities of daily living comfortably.

Are Chiropractors Good For Herniated Discs?

Are Chiropractors Good For Herniated Discs?

There have been cases where chiropractic treatment has been quite beneficial in controlling the symptoms of herniated disc. For chiropractic treatment to be beneficial for herniated disc; the affected individual, for starters, should be a good candidate for this form of treatment. Individuals with conditions like cauda equina syndrome, severe loss of strength, sensation and reflexes, and abnormal neurological examination are not perceived to be good candidates for chiropractic treatments. However, if an individual is believed to be an ideal candidate for chiropractic treatments, then this modality can be quite beneficial for controlling the symptoms of herniated discs, provided the chiropractor has enough experience in treating patients with herniated disc. In order to treat herniated disc, the chiropractor will attempt a variety of modalities such as spinal manipulation and manipulation under anesthesia where the patient will be given minimal amount of anesthesia, which will put the patient to sleep for a few minutes during which time the chiropractor will attempt to manipulate and align the spinal column.

Additionally, a chiropractor may also recommend manual therapy and the therapeutic exercises for the patient for relief of symptoms of herniated disc. An experienced chiropractor will decide on what treatment approach is best depending on the severity of the pain, level of function, and overall health of the patient. In conclusion, the chiropractic treatment can prove to be beneficial in providing relief from symptoms of herniated disc. There are various kinds of approaches towards treating a patient, but the chiropractor will decide on the best approach of treatment depending on the severity of the symptoms, the level of activity of the patient and their overall health.

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