Diversified Technique

What is Diversified Technique (DT)?

Diversified technique (DT) is an adjustment/manipulation technique used by majority of the chiropractors and is the most commonly used adjustment technique. Diversified chiropractic technique is characterized by a low-amplitude, high-velocity thrust which is also seen in other chiropractic and osteopathic manipulative techniques. Diversified chiropractic technique is thought to be the most basic chiropractic manipulative technique and is discerned from other techniques by its aim to restore proper alignment and movement of the spine and joints and restoring appropriate biomechanical function and also correct any subluxation. Additionally, Diversified methods have been technologically developed for adjustment of the extremity joints and it does wonders in treatment of sports as well as other type of injuries.

What is Diversified Technique (DT)?

Diversified Technique (DT) For Joint Dysfunction

The Diversified manipulation/adjustment comprises of a very precise high velocity, low-amplitude manual thrust which is produced by hand and sometimes using a table or block. This usually causes a cavitation of a joint i.e. the shallow, quick thrusts causes a popping noise which is commonly heard with a chiropractic manipulation/adjustment. This technique is very beneficial in restoring joint dysfunction and is very effective in moving a joint into its proper alignment. As the name suggests, the Diversified Technique is used to treat numerous joints in the body.

The chiropractor will first palpate the spine/extremity to establish which vertebra is out of its normal position and fixated or locked out of its place. After the chiropractor has ascertained the source of the problem, then he/she performs the adjustment with his/her skilful hands in a precise and quick application of pressure to adjust the bone back into its normal alignment and eliminating the pressure caused by vertebra or other bone. This technique usually produces a popping type sound when the chiropractor is making adjustments to realign misaligned and/or subluxated spinal segments in the back and neck. This is by far the most extensively used form of manipulation in the field of chiropractic treatment. X-rays as well as detailed history is taken for better analysis/diagnosis. There are no instruments used in adjustment and only hands are used.

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