Benefits Of Foot Massage For Morton’s Neuroma

In most of the cases, doctors or podiatrists recommend for corticosteroid and orthotics injections/medications as conservative treatments to cure the problem of morton’s neuroma. However, doctors even recommend for massage techniques to manage the pain and other related symptoms of your neuroma problem.

Benefits Of Foot Massage For Morton’s Neuroma

Foot massage therapy or technique when applied properly gives you plenty of benefits, including your ability to manage your pain related to the Morton’s neuroma condition. However, if you fail to manage your pain or get effective results with massaging technique, you should look for conservative treatment options available to cure your Morton’s Neuroma problem.

Massaging technique has proved to be an excellent way to reduce pain and tingling feel during the initial stages of your Morton’s Neuroma problem. However, you should make sure that your massage therapist does not apply excessive pressure on the metatarsal bones/heads, as it further aggravates your feeling of pain and makes your condition worse with the compression of affected nerves. Because of this, massage techniques should intend to-

Foster Mobilization Of Your Metatarsal Heads. According to experts, massaging techniques related to cure or manage Morton’s Neuroma symptoms should include only those methods, which intend to foster mobilization of the nerves joining the toes i.e. metatarsal heads.

Application Of Mild Pressure On Metatarsal Heads. Next, massaging techniques related to manage your Morton’s Neuroma problems should involve the application of mild pressure on the affected nerves, metatarsal heads or ball area of the foot. In this way, you expect to reduce your nerve compression make the problem, including your burning pain bearable.

Get Best Results By Combing With Metatarsal Pads And Toe Spacers

You should keep in mind that massaging technique gives you the best results when you combine it with the daily application of metatarsal pads or toe spacers to reduce your pain caused during the initial stages of your Morton’s Neuroma.

Morton’s Neuroma refers to thickening of the foot’s nerve, which supplies sensation or tingling to the affected ball area present between your toes. Even though Neuroma is not cancerous, it causes extreme and unbearable pain.

In other words, Morton’s Neuroma is a type of benign neuroma found in inter-metatarsal plantar nerve area i.e. commonly in the second and third inter-metatarsal space or between the third and fourth inter-metatarsal space leading in the entrapment of one’s foot’s ball area or affected nerve.

Unlike any other feet problems, symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma do not include any lump. Instead, prime symptoms of the problem include pain while you bear heavy weight frequently even after only a short period. However, the nature and extent of the pain varies among people.

A few people experience shooting pain in the contiguous half areas of the affected toes. Other people experience a feeling to have a pebble in their shoes or as walking over razor blades. Even a few patients also experience numbness, burning and paraesthesia. Each of the symptoms process with time often starts with tingling sensation in the foot’s ball area.

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