Can Massage Hurt A Pinched Nerve?|What are the Effective Massages for Pinched Nerve?

People often enquire about the effectiveness of massage for treating pinched nerve. Any questions related to pinched nerve pain and discomfort requires an understanding of this condition. The peripheral nerves are all the nerves that are outside of the spinal cord and brain. The peripheral nerves are often vulnerable to pressure and exertion like any other part of the human body. When these nerves are subject to irritation or damage due to pressure; pain and discomfort arises. These sensations of pain and numbness are often referred to as pinched nerves.

Can Massage Hurt A Pinched Nerve?

Can Massage Hurt A Pinched Nerve?

There are multiple ways of treating a pinched nerve and these treatment measures are often implemented in conjunction with each other. For example, pain medication may be combined with physiotherapy and exercise to treat a pinched nerve. Similarly one may also require massage therapy to treat pinched nerve. However, the question often arises “Can massage hurt a pinched nerve?” This is a valid query as massage involves maneuvering and putting pressure on muscle, bones, ligaments, tendons, joints and nerves.

Massage, if done wrong, can result in further pain and damage in case of pinched nerve. However, the right massage can improve the symptoms of a pinched nerve substantially. Read further to know more about appropriate and effective massage therapy for pinched nerve.

What are the Effective Massages for Pinched Nerve?

Chiropractic Massage for Pinched Nerve

A chiropractor is trained professional with an expertise in treating various forms of pain including the pain and discomfort caused by pinched nerve. You are guaranteed safety and little to no risk of aggravation to your injury when you seek the massage services of trained chiropractor for pain and discomfort caused by a pinched nerve. A qualified chiropractor can effectively exert pressure on the injured area to relieve the nerve of aggravation and irritation. Chiropractic massage is often opted for in conjunction with mainstream medical treatments for pinched nerves.

Swedish Massage for Pinched Nerve

Swedish massage is a form of light to medium pressure massage that has proven to be effective in treating pinched nerve and relieving the painful symptoms. This form of massage is known to loosen up connective tissue and bring relief from pinched nerve.

Thai Massage for Pinched Nerve

Thai massage may also prove to be effective while dealing with pinched nerve pain and discomfort. Thai massage includes stretching and medium pressure to relieve pain from pinched nerve.

Massage & Pinched Nerve: Points to Keep in Mind

To avoid further aggravating a pinched nerve condition; there are certain suggestions to keep in mind while seeking out a massage therapist. Some of them are as listed below.

  • A qualified chiropractor is your best bet when seeking out massage therapy for pinched nerve.
  • Be sure to deal with certified masseurs only when seeking out Swedish massage and Thai massage for pinched nerve pain and discomfort.

The pain may improve with massage in the event of a mild case of pinched nerve. A serious condition of pinched nerve will require a visit to a doctor and mainstream treatments methods including medication, physiotherapy and surgery if required.


In conclusion; yes, a massage can hurt a pinched nerve if not done properly and if exposed to an unqualified masseur. One must also consult with an orthopedic doctor before opting for any other means of alternative therapy for pinched nerve; including massage.

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