How Long Does It Take To Increase Your Sperm Count?

Changes in sperm count of a male takes place over the course of a few days, few weeks, months or even years in response to changes you made in your daily habits, health and weather conditions. Many times, you experience only minor changes and because of which, they do not influence your ability to produce sperms. However, in other cases, changes take place in a significant way in accordance with overall health of a man.

How Long Does It Take To Increase Your Sperm Count?

How Long Does It Take To Increase Your Sperm Count?

What is the time required to witness increase in sperm count? According to doctors, you need about 72 days time for creation, maturity and ejaculation of your sperm cell. Considering this fact, we should say that you require about 2 months to 3 months time to witness improvements in your sperm count. However, various other studies have revealed that you may even witness changes before 2 months period.

Sometimes drop in your sperm count occurs due to dying of sperm before they complete with development often referred as maturation arrest instead of lacking in its production i.e. spermatogenesis. If you perceive a testicle as sperm factory, in some of the cases, production reduces because of broken or lost parts instead of slow lines of production.

Sperm Count and Ejaculation Frequency

Ejaculation frequency of a male constitutes the biggest daily factor on exact sperm count. This means, the time, for which a man stays abstain from ejaculation influences his results related to semen analysis. Frequent ejaculation i.e. daily or higher numbers tends to highlight low volume of semen, low sperm count and high percentage of sperm in immature condition.

On the other side, long abstinence period i.e. 7 days or higher tend to yield semen volume in relatively higher amount, while cause low motility and high sperm count. Other factors affecting sperm count on a temporary basis are falling sick, suffering from fever, partying hard, leading a stressful life and pulling all-nighters back to back and similar others. In most of the cases, doctors recommend patients abstaining for 2 days to 7 days prior to a semen analysis to get reading on sperm count accurately.

Sperm Count And Weather Conditions

Weather conditions also have significant influence on one’s sperm count. A majority of research studies have revealed that sperm counts tend to stay high during winter months as compared to that in summers. Changes in temperature are a major explanation behind seasonal variation in sperm counts. Other than this, variation in air quality and daylight contributes seasonal variation in the male’s sperm count.

Sperm Count, Health and Lifestyle

Sperms act as effective reflection of your good health, as low sperm count involves various risks related to diabetes, cancer, cardiac problems and varieties of chronic health conditions in near future. Even though researchers have perceived pesticides, bisphenol A and other similar type of environmental toxins as major culprits related to drop in sperm count, most of them have shown concern towards health habits and lifestyle of young males. Research studies have highlighted poor lifestyle as prime cause related to reduction in sperm count. Major offenders within the category are overweight, smoking, frequent drinking, poor diet usually of junk food, sitting for long time and lack of physical exercise and use of marijuana and so on.


To conclude, we should say that the increase in sperm count depends on individual health conditions and weather conditions, along with specific issues faced by men. Hence, depending on specific problem, a man can witness changes in his sperm count quickly i.e. within only a few weeks or may require long time i.e. about 6 months to witness any significant difference in the sperm count.

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