Which Juice Is Good For Sperm Count?

There is significant evidence that some foods cause an effect on the sperm count for better and some others for worse. When one thinks about increasing the sperm count in a natural way, many natural foods, fruits and vegetables come to the mind. But one fruit in particular tops them all. Yes, you guessed it right.

Which Juice Is Good For Sperm Count?

Which Juice Is Good For Sperm Count?

  • The fruit that tops the list of sperm count-increasing natural foods is the one and only pomegranate.
  • Pomegranates (Punica granatum) are also called as natural Viagra by many people
  • Pomegranates are considered one of the healthiest foods and it is advisable for men to eat them on a regular basis
  • Pomegranates are very rich in many essential nutrients and vitamins including vitamin a, c and e.
  • Vitamin A is known to boost the production of testosterone
  • Pomegranates are also a very good source of folic acid

Pomegranates are a rich source of anti-oxidants that are responsible for fighting the free radicals. Free radicals are related to cell damage and thus one of the factors responsible for causing cancer

  • Pomegranates are also rich in phytochemicals that are essential in fighting cancers
  • Ant-oxidants and phytochemicals together make it an excellent combination of cancer-preventive and cancer-fighting food
  • Anti-oxidants are additionally good for fighting heart problems
  • Pomegranates in their extracted form can work wonders on blood circulation
  • Along with these benefits, they are also known to help ease stomach problems, anemia, decrease inflammation and manage diabetes
  • According to a recent study, regularly drinking pomegranate juice can help boost the testosterone levels
  • They also increased the motility of the sperm and improved the health of the sperm
  • The study stated that when a group of men was given pomegranate juice regularly for a stipulated period of time, almost all of them showed a significant increase in the sperm count
  • They also showed an increase in the motility of the sperms
  • The study marked an increase in the sperm count in the epididymis, which is great because, as the sperm pass the epididymis, they become more mature and gain more motility. This factor is important when considering fertility factors
  • Another thing worth noting is that sperms are highly prone to get damaged as they are high in polyunsaturated fats
  • The anti-oxidants in pomegranates help in controlling the cell damage as well as the DNA damage by counteracting upon the free radicals

Pomegranates have been linked with fertility since centuries because of the many seeds that they possess, giving them a ‘fertile’ look. And no doubt, the physical appearance of the fruit actually matches with the qualities it possesses.

Other benefits of pomegranate on overall men’s fertility:

  • Pomegranates may help correct erectile dysfunction
  • Pomegranate juice helps in stimulating the walls of the blood vessels and makes them wide, which results in an increase in the blood circulation to the penis
  • This in turn, helps men to maintain the erection for a longer duration of time
  • Pomegranates can thus correct erectile dysfunction and help in improving the sexual performance

Pomegranates improve prostate gland health:

  • Pomegranates acts as a natural anti-inflammatory
  • This property may help in preventing prostate enlargement
  • Prostate gland is an extremely important reproductive organ in men
  • It is responsible for making a fluid that is a part of the semen along with sperms and some other components
  • Impaired prostate functioning can cause a negative effect on men’s fertility
  • Pomegranate can help prevent from this condition

Also, due to the presence of polyphenols, pomegranates make an excellent anti-cancer food, thus providing protection against prostate cancer as well.

When you think about which natural food or which fruit juice is good for your sperm count and other fertility related factors, the one name that pops up is surely pomegranate. Pomegranate is rightly called as natural Viagra and is an excellent fruit that can increase your sperm count significantly.

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