5 Hidden Muscle That Can Be A Cause Of The Pain

Minor muscles help the large muscles to perform their functions. Improper functioning of these small muscles can lead to pain and injury. When we are in any kind of pain or discomfort, we work to fix the major muscle groups. We forget that the small muscles carry a lot of weight and are responsible for the vital functions. There are 700 skeletal muscles in the human body, which are classified into skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle.

Skeletal muscle enables movements and gives us the ability, cardiac muscles are responsible for the contractions of heart and transportation of blood to all parts of the body, and the smooth muscles are those of the organs and perform the function such as focusing the eye, bowel movement, etc.

5 Hidden Muscle That Can Be A Cause Of The Pain

5 Hidden Muscle That Can Be A Cause Of The Pain

  1. Multifidus. These are a series of small triangular-shaped muscles, which support the back. Their function is to stabilize, flex, and extend the vertebral column which runs from the base of the skull to the pelvic floor.

    Multifidus is responsible for the back pain and usually the one which originates from the lower back and upward.

    The back pain caused because of this muscle can be prevented by frequent stand-ups and stretches and walking often, if you have a sitting job.

  2. Scalenus. Scalenus is a group of three muscles which are present in the side of the neck.1 they are classified as,

    • anterior scalene
    • middle scalene
    • posterior scalene

    They play the role of accessory breathing muscles and also are important for the movement of the head, neck and to maintain the posture between the head and the neck. The anterior and the middle scalene muscle are responsible for the flexion and bending of the neck and elevation of the rib. The posterior scalene muscle lifts the second rib and flex and bends the neck.

    If at any time you have experienced a stiff neck while waking up, now know this, you might have irritated the scalene muscles. To ease them you just need to locate the trigger points of this muscle in the left side of the neck and press them. You will get relief from the morning neck stiffening pain.

  3. Supraspinatus. Supraspinatus is a group of small muscles which form the rotator cuff.2 They protect the shoulder from damage originating from gravitational forces. They work individually or along with the deltoid to help the shoulder and the arm to rotate.

    To prevent these muscles from damage avoid repeated overhead movement if such movement causes pain.

  4. Piriformis. It is a flat, pyramid-like muscle located in the deep gluteus muscle. It stretches from near the hip to the pelvis.3 It performs the function of rotating and abducting the hip while standing and at rest.

    For athletes and physically active people stretching and strengthening of the piriformis is very important.

  5. Hallucis Longus. Hallucis longus is the muscle which is responsible for curling the big toe.

    The big toe is responsible for balancing and stabilizing the body when you stand upright. Damage to hallucis longus puts on extra strain on the rest of the foot, which leads to foot pain.

    Exercises such as body squats and body lunges, if done bare feet help strengthen this muscle along with the other muscles of the foot. Also, if your work requires you to be on your feet most of the time, purchase a proper shoe which makes walking and running easily along with comforting the feet.

    Proper diet and exercise routine helps strengthen the muscle. Therefore now when you choose the exercises, also pick those which help strengthen these hidden muscles, which if damaged can also be a cause of pain and discomfort.