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How Do You Stop A Groin Cramp?

The involuntary contractions in one or more muscles are known as muscle cramps.1 These cramps can occur all of a sudden and they can even occur during resting or while performing physical activity. The groin is usually an underdeveloped group of muscle, and cramps and strains occur in this area too frequently. Do you suffer from a groin cramp too often? If yes, then read below and know how do you stop a groin cramp!

How Do You Stop A Groin Cramp?

How Do You Stop A Groin Cramp?

Usually lack of stretching, overuse of the muscle, muscle fatigue, lack of proper minerals in diet and dehydration; are believed to be some of the causes of muscle cramp. But the most commonly asked question is how do you stop a groin cramp? Stretching and strengthening exercises along with a well-balanced diet could be the best treatments for muscle cramps. Let us look at this in detail.

The meeting place of your torso and legs is known as the groin. Adductor muscles are the muscles present in the groin area and these muscles assist with movements of hips and the legs. There are chances that you might suffer from groin cramp and thus, you must know the ways to stop the groin cramp. So, if you are wondering how do you stop a groin cramp, then read the ways out.

Stretching Exercises And Massage:

You can get relief from groin cramps by some active stretching and strengthening exercises along with gentle massage. This can effectively stop a groin cramp. You can gently stretch your groin muscles and avoid any further pain. However; if there is pain while performing these exercises, you should stop doing them.

Below are some of the stretching exercises you can do to stop a groin cramp.

Hip Adductor Stretch – For this you have to lie on the back, bend your knees while putting the feet flat on the ground. Then, spread the knees apart very gently, while stretching the muscles in the groin or the inner side of your thighs. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and repeat the same stretch 3 times, which can help you stop a groin cramp.

Hamstring Stretch On Wall – Lie on the back by placing your buttocks close to a doorway. Stretch the healthy or the uninjured leg right in front of you on the floor through the doorway. Now, raise the affected or the injured leg and keep it against the wall right next to the frame of the door. Make sure your leg is kept very straight. You must feel a stretch in the back of your thigh. Hold this position for about 30 seconds and repeat the same 3 times to get relief and stop a groin cramp.

A Simple Stretching Exercise – Apart from the above mentioned stretches you can even also do a simple stretching exercise where you have to hold your feet together with both your hands and pull in your feet closer to your groin until you feel a significant stretch in your groin area. You need to hold this stretch for 20 seconds and then relax. Repeating this stretch in position several times would help you get relief and stop a groin cramp.

Apart from stretching, here are some ways that you can do to stop a groin cramp.

Elevate Your Leg:

You should keep the affected leg higher than your heart, for the first 24 hours. This would help you in getting relief if you have pain and swelling along with the cramps. This is one of the simplest ways to stop a groin cramp.

Take A Well Balanced Diet:

You must consume foods that are rich in protein, like meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese and milk, and also increase your fiber intake.

Drink Plenty Of Water:

It is also essential for you to drink a lot of water, as they help muscles contract and relax while exertion. Insufficient water supply results in muscle strain that leads to muscle cramps. So, ideally you should drink about 6-8 glasses of water every day, which can help to prevent or stop a groin cramp.

NSAIDs Or Anti-inflammatory Painkillers:

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs painkillers, can help you if you have pain or swelling along with groin cramp. While these medicines can help stop a groin cramp, they can cause several side effects and should only be used occasionally and only with doctor’s prescription.


So, that’s how do you stop a groin cramp! It is true that usually these treatments help you to stop groin cramp, especially the mild ones. However, if these treatments do not show any improvement or if you have other symptoms too, it is important to seek medical advice. In addition to medical treatment, you can prevent groin cramps by trying the stretching and strengthening exercises along with a proper diet.


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