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7 Ways to Reduce Soreness After Lifting Weights

Sore muscles are one of the most common outcomes of long and vigorous workout sessions. The issue is more obvious in weightlifters and bodybuilders. Tired, tight, and sore muscles can be bad at times. However, they are an indication that your body is preparing itself and is trying to get accustomed to your workout regime.(1) They can happen to anyone having dedicated workout sessions day after day. The soreness after lifting weights can be treated or managed with some knowledge of why does it develop and how it can be treated.

Ways to Reduce Soreness After Lifting Weights

7 Ways to Reduce Soreness After Lifting Weights

Some different methods and techniques can be used and applied to work on sore muscles after lifting heavyweights. Often you might need to combine two or more such methods to get an effective cure for your tired muscles.

  1. Gentle Stretching as a Way to Reduce Soreness After Lifting Weights:

    One of the best ways to work on your sore muscles after weight lifting is to opt for gentle stretching. (2, 3) Sitting idle with sore muscles after your workout regime can make the matter worse. The best way to treat such pain is to gently stretch those muscles till you come back to normalcy. However, this will not happen in a matter of a day or two. (2) It can require at least a week. In some situations, it can take more than a week, even a month. You shouldn’t give up.

  2. Massage your Muscles to Reduce Soreness After Lifting Weights:

    Careful massaging of the affected muscles can help to soothe the soreness of the area effectively. In this context, you must remember that massaging sore muscles is a technical job.(4) It is never as simple as massaging normal muscles. In case you massage it in the wrong way it can make your pain and soreness even worse. Take expert advice before messaging those sore muscles.

  3. Use Ice Packs to Reduce Muscle Soreness:

    Ice packs can be very effective in soothing pained and twisted muscles. You can buy different kinds of ice packs from the market. Some of them can be preserved in the refrigerator. They are ready to use ice packs that can be used at any point in time.(1)

  4. Using Heat Therapy:

    Heat therapies like sauna, hot towel massage, hot packs are just as effective in removing soreness from tired and overworked muscles. Applying heat therapy improves the flow of blood in the affected region.(5, 6) This is how a better volume of oxygen is supplied to the affected area.

  5. OTC Medicines Can Help Reduce Muscle Soreness After Lifting Weights:

    In extreme cases, if you feel the need, you can easily opt for over-the-counter medicines and ointments. They have proven to be effective in soothing sore and tight muscles. You will see improvement in your condition in time from applying these medicines.(1)

  6. Get Professional Assistance to Reduce Soreness after Lifting Weights:

    Many weightlifters and bodybuilders stop working out for days after getting this problem. (3) It is a serious mistake. Although you must take a rest in the initial few days but stopping your workout regimes is in no way desired. However, try to do your exercises under the guidance of professional assistance in the days to come.

  7. Proper Rest Helps Reduce Soreness after Lifting Weights:

    There is never another better way to improve the condition of your sore muscles after a tiring workout and weight lifting session. Take proper rest after such painful sessions. If required you can also forego your workout sessions for 2-3 days.


Finally, it must be pointed out that if you wish to workout in the longer run, you must not overstretch yourself at any point in time. Whenever you feel pain and soreness in any of your muscles, stop immediately and seek expert advice. Talk to a professional physical trainer or a doctor regarding your problem. (1) Muscle soreness after lifting weight is a common issue and can be cured. You just need to know the right methods.


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