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What To Do About Worsening Muscle Recovery with Age?

The feeling of getting tired or worn out after doing some physical activity often gets increased with age. Often you will find that the kind of physical stamina you had at the prime time of your youth slowly gets depleted with age. This means with age your muscles get worn out faster and it takes longer for them to get rejuvenated. This condition is known as sarcopenia.(1) However, this condition can be reversed.

What To Do About Worsening Muscle Recovery with Age?

What To Do About Worsening Muscle Recovery with Age?

You can take some effective steps to stop worsening muscle strength with age or keep your muscles strong at an older age. Let’s have a look:

Improve Nutrition to Stop Worsening Muscle Recovery with Age:

With growing age, muscles get weaker. For faster muscle recovery you must have a diet that is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. This can help to rebuild muscles and also replenish the depleted glycogen levels. Often the increased amount of protein intake can help to rebuild muscle tissues. It is best to see a professional nutritionist if you are facing such an issue. They can make a detailed chart regarding your food intake at different times of the day and guide you based on the requirement of your body.(2, 3)

Maintaining Appropriate Vitamin D Level to Prevent Worsening Muscle Recovery with Age:

Vitamin D is essential for protein synthesis. Protein is the main feed of your muscles. If Vitamin D depletes, the protein synthesis in the body will also deplete. Sunrise is the best source of Vitamin D. You can also take supplements after consulting a physician.(4, 5)

Drinking Sufficient Water Can Help Stop Worsening Muscle Recovery with Age:

As you age water levels in your body get diminished much faster. This can hamper digestion, the breaking down of food, absorption of nutrition by your body, and also the building of muscles. It is one of the main reasons why you need to increase the intake of water as you grow old. Staying hydrated is really important at this age. It not only helps your overall health but also helps in muscle recovery at a faster rate. Spread out your water consumption throughout the day instead of drinking excess water once or twice a day.(6)

Regular Workout Can Help Prevent Worsening of Muscle Recovery with Age:

As you grow old if you wish to have speedy muscle recovery you must maintain a regular workout regime. This workout regime must include regular stretch exercises for your muscles. If you keep your muscles accustomed to regular workout and stretching then you will feel less tired as you grow old. You should also get involved in various physical activities. For best results have a trainer by your side while you work out.(7) A physical trainer is the best person to guide and instruct you regarding the set of exercises that must be done to keep your muscles supple as you grow old.(7)

Sleep Enough to Prevent Worsening Muscle Recovery With Age:

Sleep is one of the most important yet understated aspects that help in muscle rebuilding and relaxation. It is when you sleep that a good portion of your body fats gets burnt and your muscles get developed. People often develop sleeping problems and abnormalities as they grow old. Many people suffer from sleeplessness or insomnia.(1, 2) This is one of the main reasons that can make you feel all the more tired and worn out whenever you indulge in physical activities.(7)

Heat Therapy to Prevent Worsening Muscle Recovery with Age:

Different kinds of heat therapy like using hot towel massage and sauna are a wonderful way of improving blood circulation in your body. This is one of the aspects that happen to be imperative for muscle rebuilding and repair. Hence with age for better muscle rebuilding, you can try any form of heat therapy for your worn-out muscles.(8)


After age 30, the muscles in the human body fall off by 3% to 5% every 10-12 years.(1) It is important to have some healthy habits like good nutrition, proper hydration, and regular workout to keep your muscles strong and healthy.


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