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Can MS Go Untreated?

MS or Multiple Sclerosis is a problem that occurs in brain or spinal cord and can lead to partial or complete disability. In this condition, the immune system of the body attacks the sheath that protects the nerve fibers and creates a barrier for obstructing communication between brain and the body. With time this disease can lead to permanent damage to the nervous system.

Can MS Go Untreated?

Can MS Go Untreated?

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis are not consistent, instead; it varies depending on which nerve is affected and to what extent it is affected. Some people lose the ability of performing even a simple task alone while in some the problem persist without any symptoms. Till date no effective cure for MS is known, but timely treatment can help in reducing the recovery time and also help in managing the symptoms the best way.

As discussed above the symptoms of MS varies from one individual to another depending on the affected nerve but there are some common symptoms known:

MS Causes

The exact cause of MS is not known, but it is considered as one of the autoimmune problems in which the immune system of the body attacks own tissues. In this case the immune system of the body destroys the protective layer on the nerve fibers present in brain and spinal cord region. When the outer protection is destroyed and nerve fibers get exposed, then the speed by which message travels in the body slows down or at times even get blocked. There is no valid proof to justify why multiple sclerosis occurs in some individuals, but experts believe that genetic pattern as well as the environmental conditions play a significant role in its development.

MS Complications

As it is a nerve disorder, so the complications associated with this problem is also very severe. Individuals suffer from MS are also prone to develop:

MS Diagnosis

There are no direct tests for diagnosing multiple sclerosis, instead; it is diagnosed through differential diagnosis. Multiple sclerosis are diagnosed, which might display the similar symptoms. If doctors anticipate occurrence of MS then so confirm they prescribe a series of tests and medical examinations.

Blood Tests – this helps in identifying the symptoms identical to multiple sclerosis. This helps in diagnosing the disease at the earliest.

Spinal Tap – In this from the spinal canal, a small sample of fluid is taken and sent to laboratory for detail examination. This sample can display an abnormal behavior, which is closely associated with multiple sclerosis.

MRI – This test reveals the whether brain and spinal cord is infected or not. In this process an intravenous injection of different color is used for highlight lesions. This is an indication that the problem is in active status.

Evoked Potential Test – In this system records the way nervous system reacts against stimuli. In this test electrical stimuli is used and one can see the moving visual pattern. Electrodes on the other hand can measure the speed by which information is traveling in the body.

MS Treatment

As discussed above there is no specific cure for MS, but medication or treatment is focused on increasing the recovery speed after the attack. Also, drastic progression can be experienced in managing the painful symptoms of the problem. In some rare cases, the symptoms are so mild that it does not require any treatment.

Medications are prescribed to reduce the nerve inflammation for controlling the frequency of attack. There are some side effects of these medications such as insomnia, mood swings, high blood pressure, water retention and so on. If the problem is diagnosed at a very early stage then proper medication can help in getting maximum relief from the painful effects.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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